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Repairing wheels

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So I just sent an epic mission with 7 ships and two miners to Jool, with the idea to visit all the biomes on all the moons. I know broken wheels are like the plague, so I brought along 3 engineers, two of which have a level high enough to repair them.

Or so I thought. Because when I looked up Nedi's skills in the astronaut complex, repairing wheels is one of them. But here I am orbiting Vall after like 50 gravity assists, and I can't repair the damn wheel on the miner (which somehow got broken mid-flight) because, after all, "Crew member has insufficient Engineer skill level. Level 3 is required."

So what's up with this? Is it supposed to be level 2 or 3? I really don't feel like waiting another three years to send a better engineer to fix a wheel. Is there anyway to "fudge" the wheel into being fixed? I don't think I'd consider this cheating. In fact, I'm the one that feels cheated!

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If you install the Field Experience mod your Kerbals will likely instantly have the experience required to change the tires. It lets your guys level up without having to go home first.

I did this. Wheel's fixed :cool:

Legs, too.

Edit: After doing this, I realized what the seemingly non-nonsensical reason is for having to return Kerbals home before they gain experience: without this, there almost no point to having experience in the first place. I mean, I just sent an inexperienced Kerbal to Jool, and by default he got leveled up to almost maximum. So really, what is the point?

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