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First Ever Duna Probe (video report)


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I got a probe to Duna for the very first time ever playing the game, and it felt sooooo gratifying. The Mun? Moderately hard but not impossible! Minmus? Easy when you've visited the Mun a couple of times. But Duna? Oh boy...!

Let's Play: Kerbal Space Program 1.0, Part 43: Duna Probe, Arrival & Execution

LESSONS LEARNED during this mission:

- I've concluded that I have used a TON of Delta-V for this simple probe, sending the cost of the rocket soaring up, and could have done it with (a lot) less probably

- RCS is great for maneuvering, but not for slowing down a descent, even with parachutes out

- Parachutes work a leeeeeeeeeeetle different in Duna's atmosphere 

- It's takes a while to get there & back again, good to note for any manned mission and short running contracts

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