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Elcano Challenge: A waterlubber circumnavigates Minimus!


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Looks like I'll be doing to Elcano challenge! Don't know why, really, but hey, I've got free time!


For this mission, we'll be using the Minmus Exploration Rover Mark I:

Warning: Hi-Res blueprints!









It's mostly stock, with some Tweakscale and other mods to save on part count. It's only got 61 parts, which allowed me to warp at a decent rate with less slowdown.
It features a roll cage and hefty torque, to keep it in line with the surface. There are 4 solar panels on top, the big ones from Asteroid Day. It features a blinkly light, because it's safer!

The plan is to land a little east of the flats, head east for a while, and arrive at the start again. I didn't plan out much of a route; other than aiming for flats and the plateaus.
The next post here will be launch and landing of the rover!

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Welp, I "finished!"


Here's the imgur album! I spent an hour on the descriptions, so that's that. I had to reload a couple of times, but I tried to organize the screenshots to the best of my ability.

You can download the Persistent Trails track here.


Edit: Wow! This marks my 700th post! Neat-o!

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