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Mod It Until It Crashes!


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Does anybody have any idea as to about how many mods you should have before it makes the game too slow and potentially makes it crash? Once I overloaded my game with mods and it ran so slow I couldn't play until I uninstalled almost 3/4 of the mods I had installed!!! I'm wondering about how many mods I should put in my game! 

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It's not quantity that matters, It's quality.
The total number of mods is completely irrelevant. It all comes down to what your mods are doing and how much memory they require. Three or four large part mods can effectively kill your game while your game might barely be affected by two dozen information mods or tweaks. Some mods actually improve game performance/stability.

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Yeah... I run TONS of plugin mods (100-120), and usually no more than half a dozen small parts packs, with maybe one large one thrown in (Hardware limitations have a LOT to do with determining this)...

Its always best to install small groups of mods at a time... Say no more than a half-dozen... Start the game, and see if there are any obvious issues after each group... This helps narrow down any blatantly messed up mods...

Also, I install the tiny, simpler, part-less plugin mods first... Then more complicated plugins (MechJeb, RemoteTech), and those with only a few simple parts... WOrk your way up, installing in smaller groupings, unitl you hit dedicated, decent sized parts packs, and install those one-at-a-time, again starting and testing the game between each install...
Also, use Task Manager (or like) to keep an eye on RAM usage between groupings...
Also, when you first begin, make sure you are aware of dependencies and incompatabilities between mods, so you can install them together... A little research and a simple spreadsheet can help organize things before installing anything...

I know it sounds complicated, but once you get a "core" list of mods that you feel you 'must' have, and always install, once you've done it a couple times, it goes a lot quicker and easier...

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