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Workaround Technologies Presents... The HP-4 Combined Thrust Helicopter

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Turboshafts are hard to make. Helicopters with jets on the blade are easy to make but difficult to throttle. No more! The HP-4 is a early design combining the two sources of thrust, the central turboshaft and the wing-edge auxiliary jet engines. It (slowly) descends when the turboshaft is shut down, a huge improvement upon our older designs. But anyways, less text more pictures! 


In this photo, you can see the turboshaft but not the wing-edge thrusters.


You can see the wing-edge thrusters in this airborne picture, along with the built-in lightweight orientation system (RCS).


Top-down view. The craft handles just like a real helicopter! Except without any of the sophisticated autopilot systems.


Stock SAS can't keep up with the craft's inherent lack of stability. It is controllable, but only if you are very careful. And of course it's unmanned. Because we here at Workaround Technologies care about our employees. (Disclaimer: We are licensed to utilize death row criminals as test pilots. So don't mess up).




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