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Crew turned tourist and reverted, but no "Fly" option in tracking Center.

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I launched a mission in career mode recently, as a flyby of Minmus. I intercepted completed the flyby, and on the way back, I got the message "Jebediah Kerman refuses to work." I had forgotten about my install of USI-LS, and it seems I had exceded the time that a Kerbal could go without "snacks". I uninstalled USI-LS, and rebooted the game. I went to the tracking center, selected my craft, and tried to take control. The "Fly" option was greyed out, and I could not take control of the craft. I looked at the crew menu for the craft, and it said that Jebediah Kerman was a tourist. I returned to the main menu, edited the perisistent.sfs file (crew section) and change 'type = Tourist' to 'type = Crew' and 'trait = Tourist' to 'trait = Pilot'. I loaded the save, went to the craft in the tracking station, and it told me Jebediah was Crew, but it still would not let me fly the craft.


What variable do I have to edit to make it let me control the craft? If there isn't one, is there a variable that I could change to let me recover the craft?

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