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USI Kolonization Install problems


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I've tried to install USI Kolonization on my system but every time it crashes on start up. if i remove the Umbra folder the game starts up just fine. I've tried removing other mods in case this is a memory issue, but that doesnt seem to make much difference. Any help anyone could offer would be helpful. Thank you. 

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1. Make sure you have all the required dependencies installed, then install Kolonization in the usual way.

if it still doesn't load,

2. Try installing Kolonization (and dependencies) on a clean 1.0.5 install, no other mods, to make sure there is not some conflict.

If it still doesn't load...

3. you may be running out of memory on just that pack, it is a big mod... Maybe try the Lite version...

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I've gone through and deleted ksp and re installed it. I have come to the conclusion that my system doesn't like the environmental stuff I was using. Clouds and whatnot. Just now got it loaded with the kolonization pack running. Looking forward to what these assets can do. Thanks guys! 

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So I cant even get the download to work. I got the latest release I took out the Game Data folder and it still wont work. I get the drills and even the advanced setting when you start a new game but It doesnt have the containers and the other stuff that makes the mod what it is can anyone help me please.

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Here's a link to read through first, make sure you are following all the steps in it and any instructions in the mod release thread. 

If you still are having issues after following all the instructions precisely, then it would be best, as mentioned above, to ask in the mod release thread. 

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