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So, for some reason I'm on top of R&D

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First off let me say sorry. To start with this should probably be somewhere else but I don't know where that is. Also I cant figure out how to make a picture visible without having to follow a link. But any way the help I need is this. I got on today to continue dominating the mun for a YouTube series (the challenge is the Munar crusade in the challenges section) but I was confronted with this (see link). After re loading and re booting several times it is still the same. And when I go to the main menu (esc is the only key that does anything) nothing is clickable. If it helps you help me at all the things I was doing last before this save went bottoms up is trying to undock some rescue rockets from my mun station and for some reason every time i tried this they went beserk and exploded. I may have a clip of this if anyone wants to see it. Thats pretty much it, if this belongs somewhere else then please move it. sorry as you can tell by my 40ish posts i dont have a whole lot of experience with the forum.

what the screen looks like

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the link was being iffy
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I get this if I click out of the KSP window while it is loading.
My guess is that squad generates mouse displacement or click to recenter the camera on the KSC, if the window does not have focus, it fails.

Sooo...first make sure the KSP window has focus the complete time it is loading. Then make sure you don't have any mods interfering.


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