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Different Icons for Drogue- and Mainchutes

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Hey there,

just an idea: give drogue chutes and main chutes slightly diffent icons in staging list. I dont think it would be a lot of work, but would make sorting the staging list a lot easier.



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As minor of a thing as this is, it would be nice to have. And, realistically, all one would need to do with the drogue chutes for the different icon is have them be a bit thinner than the main chutes.

The problem then comes when implementing it - Simply because, AFAIK, the game gives an icon depending on the module (Otherwise, I could totally see air-breathing engines having a separate icon from rockets, as well as a new icon for ion engines), and it would be needlessly redundant to have a 'MainChute' module and a 'DrogueChute' module.

Though, I would totally be for having a field added to the config to have the ability to point to a different 'StagingIcon' file, and just defaulting to the module's one. It could be a relatively minor change, but it would be nifty. (Of course, would have to be made in a specific way so it can be reliably applied, but that's the point of having file specifications, no?)

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