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Switching to vessel kills Kerbals.

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The log : Dropbox

The bug happened as follows:

Leave vehicle with kerbals parke don the ground, with 35 day supply of food according to the USI-LS mod.
Go to space center, launch flight, return 8 days later.
Switch to Space Center, then to the parked vehicle.
The vehicle hops into the air, and all Kerbals are missing. The F12 menu cites them as 'dead'. There's plenty of supplies left.

What could be the problem? The relevant error in the log is this:

(Filename: C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/StandalonePlayerGenerated/UnityEngineDebug.cpp Line: 56)

Crewmember Halald Kerman has been missing for too long! He must be dead by now.


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