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RWBY Volume 3 finale.


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12 minutes ago, Vanamonde said:

Ready Whip Brigade Yearbook? Read While Bossing Yeoman? Red White Blue Yellow? Ready With Balanced Yoke? Radishes Would Be Yummy? 

You came on a post about the anime Rwby and it's climactic ending of it's recent season just to go on about radishes?

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It's only an abbreviation in the most technical of senses. RWBY is the name of the show, and basically all the fans know it by that name, because naming it "Red White Black Yellow" would be cumbersome and less cool.

Anyway, on a less negative and more productive note... so sad :C They transitioned from a light and happy mood to killing off so many characters in so many depressing ways. It makes me want the next season as soon as possible if for no other reason than to clean my palate xD

I also want Penny back. She's a robot! We can rebuild her (we have the technology)! Who's behind me?

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5 hours ago, RandomName101 said:

No. but she does have the power of the silver eyes which is apparently really awesome. I mean she froze a Dragon and the only repercussion is a headache. 

Cinder was caught in that blast though, so that would make Ruby the last person she saw. I guess that means it won't be the last we will see of her, since that means she didn't die from silver eyes and her power didn't transfer to Ruby.

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True. btw a lot of the people on the reaction thread on reddit are floored because they killed arkos just as it had set sail. my point is that it technically was confirmed in Destiny. so confirmed, damaged, rebuilt, then shattered into a million pieces and the shards were used to stab us in the heart. (Oops poor choice of words lol)

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