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So, seems that i have again found the limits of what KSP physics and Infernal robotics can handle.

And here it is then, a project that started out as a MK-4 cargo/passenger rover and what then turned into one of my most challengin builds so far.

And it is the S-Tornado, a VTOL/ seaplane/ cargo-plane hybrid that is big and i mean BIG.

You need to be a real professional to fly this thing.


The design believe or not actually flies, but it's stupidly unreliable witch makes it pretty much useless.




And here are the main issues:

The size itself isn't an issue, it's the size of the engines.

The size and mass of the engines causes them to be very wobbly and loose at all times. Aka the engines want to be at an angle at all times witch causes stability issues.

And the problem is that it is physically impossible for me to make them point straight.

1. Because of how infernal robotics works, the only things that will make the part to witch the rotatron is added and the part that is added to the rotatron collide with each other is landing gears and landing legs.

Landing gears worked "ok" for me, they made the engines point more straight, but because i can't use mirroring it's very hard to get them to be mirrored, since even the slightest miss alignment will cause the engines to point on different directions, witch in turn causes the aircraft to go off course and crash (happened to me at one point but i fixed the problem later on).

Even at this point they don't make the engines point straight enough. I was able to fix all the stability issues, but because of the looseness of the engines they tend to explode (only the back engines do) and take a chunk of the aircraft with them.

2. And again because of how Infernal robotics work, i can't strut them up of they will be stuck.

3. I wanted to use powered hinges on the back engines (none of these problems would have existed), but for some reason they pretended to be pistons (either it's a bug or they just don't like to be pointed the other way around) and just broke my engines before moving even one degree down.


And yes that was me flying in a straight line. I guess i just made a more modern version of the Heinkel Grief (Nickname: "Flying Zippo") witch was a WW-2 german Heavy bomber whose engines (two per propeller) would randomly catch fire mid flight.

Even altough i said to myself that i'm not gonna give up that easy, That pick above was the point in witch i just gave up. If it can't fly in a straight line without exploding there's no chance that i could make it any better since i tried pretty much every trick in my book.


All and all, it works but it's a hit or miss. Anyway, i hope you enjoyed looking at this beast of an aircraft.

Mods used: MK-4 fuselage pack, Infernal robotics and Nebula decals.

Download link: Unless you guys really want it, i won't be putting up a download link.




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