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SSTU Craft Repository (lifters, landers, stations) [1.2.2]

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The official craft repository for SSTU (Shadow Space Technologies Unlimited)



NOTE:  v1.3.0 files coming soon. Mage from the SSTU mod will be making a Github repository so that these files will be in a central location where other people can upload their stuff to as well via a Pull Request. I will be making a new forum thread with screenshots and links to each craft. Besides the real-scale replicas, there will also be craft files for the stock Kerbin system and contract missions.

SSTU is an awesome mod by ShadowMage with modular parts to let you build a low parts count, high game performance, rocket with a number of highly configurable parts. See ShadowMage's topic on his SSTU mod here CLICK

While it is still a Work in Progress [WIP], I and many other people, have been using it to make the most awesome rockets within KSP. Some players have even ported it through RO as is has a large variety of real world parts with dito looks (not stock kerbal). I really recommend checking out this fabulous mod!!!

I've asked the creator of SSTU, ShadowMage, if it might be an idea to make an official craft repository for current users of the mod to share their builds, and for new users to get some example rockets as there are so many options and parts that it can be overwhelming. To start off I will add some of my favorite builds, some real and some just very useful for careers mode. If other people would like to share their SSTU builds, that would be awesome!!!

The builds below are ready to fly and contain action groups where applicable (see description texts). The intent of the rockets was to build realistic looking rockets, so some of them will quite OP for the task they originally had, but fun and easy to fly none the less. They also show off about every part in the SSTU mod to give a clear idea what is possible.



note  Download the latest version of SSTU here: https://github.com/shadowmage45/SSTULabs/releases/tag/

note  To download the craft files below, right click on the link and select "save link as...". These files need to go into your ksp directory under ../saves/"mygamename"/Ships/VAB



Third-party SSTU Expansions

SSTU Expansion Pack by JoséEduardo  
- Extra textures, engines, clusters and other assorted parts, as well as a lot of patches to other mods like BDB and Kosmos for engine clustering etc.

Jimbodiah's Patch Labs  [coming soon] 
- Adds a lot of patches for my personal flavor of gameplay like extra engines, different resource setups, functionality/balancing and more goodies.





ISS (no truss/panels)
[download .craft]
[download .craft]



All crewed rockets have action groups set up for a launch abort or fairing jetisson.

Backspace = Activate launch abort, capsule will auto release at end of burn
0 = Deploy chutes
1 = Jetisson LES (all pods)
2 = Jetisson side-panels (orion, soyuz)
3 = Extend solar panels (orion, soyuz)

Ares I
[download .craft]
Falcon 9 Heavy.png
Falcon 9 Heavy (new)
requires Kerbal Reusability Expansion
[download .craft]
Jupiter III.png
Jupiter III
[download .craft]
Delta II.png
Delta II
[download .craft]
DeltaIV Orion.png
Delta IV Heavy EFT-1 (Orion)
[download .craft]
Soyuz / R7
[download .craft]
Saturn V.png
Saturn V
[download .craft]
[download .craft]
Space Shuttle
[download .craft]




Landers that are suitable for Mun, Minmus, Duna and similar moons. The command modules contain solar panels, rcs thrusters, docking port and a small reaction wheel, all in a single part. Stock legs and ladders are used to complete the landers.

TIPS if you want to build your own lander 
1.) On the LC pod select "enable bottom node", attach the engine, then attach the decoupler.
2.) On the decoupler, enable "hollow collider" to not get the engine snagged upon seperating.
(these have all been done in my craft files, they are ready to go)

LC2  2-stage lander (2 crew)
[download .craft]
LC3  2-stage lander (3 crew)
[download .craft]

coming soon


LC5 2-stage lander (6 crew)
[download .craft]


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Hello there,

Thanks for sharing all these craft :)

Saturn V & Jupiter III don't have links and SLS Lunar Mission and LCS5 get me to a 404 error. Just so you know! Maybe is it caps in name related or you renamed the file after posting the links? :)

See you a bit later :)

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I Approve of these .craft files; well done Jimbodiah :)

Hopefully these can give others a nice set of example craft to work from.  Might even have a craft or two of my own to add (Kerbalized SC-C launcher for stock system; single-stage re-usable biome-hopping science landers for stock system; stock-optimized shuttle setup).

We'll see if I can sneak in some time this week to get them recreated (lost the originals during the dev switch to 1.1....).

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I don't know if I'm missing something obvious, but clicking on the download craft link only opens a tab with a text file for the craft in it. Is this whats meant to happen? If so how would i implement this into the game properly? Sorry, not much experience with this. I've changed a few values here and there but never added that much text, I don't trust myself not to mess it up. 

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Hello again :)

Strangely, I thought I had the latest version of SSTU but your Ares V return me a missing part list :

  • SSTU.ShipCore.B.DP
  • SSTU.ShipCore.ENG-RS-25
  • SSTU.ShipCore.B.SRB4
  • FASAlaunchClampAppolo (require FASA ??)
  • SSTU.ShipCore.ENG-RS-25x7

Are they deprecated parts or is it new stuff and I haven't the latest version installed?

Thank you for your crafts!

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All the sstu parts are current, but I dont know where the fasa launch clamp came from as I dont have fasa installed or any launch clamps in that file... I'll check it out in a few minutes.

OK, found it. I also have an old topic for crafts from an earlier build, and the Ares V was linking to the old directory. My bad. The current link should direct to the one from the latest version.

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39 minutes ago, scorpianz1525 said:

STS doesn't seem to load well?

The shuttle parts have been temporarily removed wile Shadowmage tries to fix them. 1.1 completely broke some of what he had done, so he's holding off on trying to fix it for now.

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Falcon 9 v1.0: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hlzg8xpzojtza4d/Falcon 9 V1.craft?dl=0

Falcon Heavy v1.0: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gs32lmcv3vuakjb/Falcon Heavy V1.craft?dl=0

F9 gets 10 tons to LKO, as does it's real life counterpart, and FH gets 40 tons to LKO, lower than the quoted 50 tons but i couldn't get it any higher without altering the entire heavy variant, it's got crossfeed just to get 40. Not sure how SpaceX planned on 50 tons with the original falcon heavy O_o

I hope those links work, Dropbox has been weird with my files recently.

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ok, sorry about this, as i have just returned to the game and a bit late to topic, i tried to install this on latest kip and it loads fine but all the rockets are missing parts, like fuel tanks engines etc, is it just not compatible?, shame as this is a very cool mod.

thanks for your time and sorry for being late :)

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There is a new version to this mod for 1.1.2, but several parts were indeed broken. These craft files will only work for 1.0.5 with that particular release of SSTU.

When SSTU is stable in 1.1.2 again, I will make a new repository for 1.x crafts. Right now things are still changing in the mod and making extensive craft files right now might mean they will be break again in the next SSTU release. Also KSP 1.1.3 is coming out soon, so who knows what that will bring.

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