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SpekzCo Aerospace | Aircraft, Watercraft and Spacecraft

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SpekzCo is where anyone's idea will be considered. The ideas may end in Kerbals no longer being Available for flight ( RIP ) but at least it'll look good.
Here I will post the best Aircraft, Watercraft and Spacecraft I build. These craft work with the 1.1 pre-release and up.



SCA Eagle T2
When you try to recreate a Basic Trainer Jet, and instead create a Hyper Mental Stunt Jet. When this thing goes slow ( under 70m/s ) it can be really Agile.

K-17 KerbinAce
When you think, I need to make a Cargo Jet and make a glorious looking Aircraft based off a Glorious IRL Aircraft.


SCM "Duna" Buggy
A cool looking buggy that can do some sick drifts ( thanks Squad! )

FlatBed Truck Pack ( Empty, Fuel Tanker )
Very Industrial Looking FlatBed Trucks, with multiple uses. With the Empty one, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.


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