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CPU 100% use in hanger

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Hi all just want to say I love this game :).

I have a problem though I have a fair few mods lol



Any way in the hanger CPU use is at 100% but on the runway etc it seems fine I am wondering if its a mod I am using but no idea to find out which one.

I also get the stutter/freezes every 5 or so seconds but I have read this happens in a modded and none modded game (garbage collection?).


Any way thanks and really hope some one can help find the problem :)

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The VAB and SPH are known to use significantly more CPU than other scenes (between 2 and 3 full cores worth) even without any mods.  You don't give any info about your system so I presume your CPU only has 2 cores (and probably only just hits the recommended specs for the game).  Please see the sticky thread about how to provide a DxDiag report.  Some people have seen an improvement by turning off the spacecenter crew in the main game settings but YMMV.

Then there are the mods.  KerbalEngineer definitely runs its deltaV calculations (partly) in a background thread but the impact should be minimal unless the vessel is large and complex and the calculations shouldn't run at all if the window is closed.  MechJeb may well do the same sort of thing.  FAR can do various complex calculations in the editor but I don't know if these happen all the time or just when the user explicitly asks for them.

You should also check your output_log.txt file (or upload it to a file hosting service and post a link) for any error spam or other indications that your game is having issues.

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Thanks for replying :) and DOH yeah my system specs are


I5 760 OC to 3.4ghz

AMD 280x vapour X

16GB ram

So no my system aint bad :P.

When the CPU is running at nearly 100% the FPS is still very very high about 80FPS so its not a major problem was just wondering.

The main problem that realy does my nut in is the 5 second stutter that is well known about but we cant do nothing about it :(.

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Yes, I'm surprised it's getting that high on that CPU.  I would have expected around 65-70% in the VAB.  However, I have also seen reports of 8 core cpus doing 100% so anything is possible... :wink:

Any chance you could run Process Explorer, find KSP in the list, do a Properties on it and take a screenshot of the Threads tab while KSP is in the editor and another while in flight?

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