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Science Report Storage

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Hey all, quick question.

My KSP seems to be having issues with more than 30 Science Reports stored in one module.  Is this strange, or is that the limit?  I don't seem to be able to scroll past 30 when viewing reports, they're trapped beyond the scroll limit.  I can store as many as I want in the capsule, but I can't get at them to process them or transmit or what have you...



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7 hours ago, Streetwind said:

But when you transmit or process some of them, shouldn't the rest become available? Like, can you not open another set of 30 afterwards?

I probably can, and honestly this may be more of a 1.0.5 question at this point.  In 1.0.5, when you process the report still sticks around.  If I have 30 in a pod, and add 5 more, I can only look at (keep, transmit, process, trash) the first 30, and the last 5 are lost until I do something dire to 5 of the original 30.  

With 1.1, it seems that processing 'destroys' the report itself, so those 5 may come to the end of the queue.

My original plan (and still active I suppose) plan is to gather up all the science I possibly can from Kerbin, Mun, Minmus and shoot it off to whatever labs I have and process it all there.  That'd be a ton of reports, but if I can't do much with any > 30 then it'll be tough to pull off.

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I'm going to test this in a few hours by putting 300 Kerbin experiments into a lab and then see what happens.

Yes, in 1.1 processing an experiment into data in the MPL destroys the experiment. So you need to take (and store) a few extra copies of your experiments to take back to KSC also.

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OK, my orbital rendezvous took many more orbits than I hoped, but I finally was able to test. And I didn't see anything strange at all.

I loaded up 345 experiments into the MPL. I was able to scroll more than 40 of them (forward and back), process them, and everything.

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