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reverting back to 1.1..possible via steam?

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I'm not sure if 1.1 is possible, but I myself have reverted to 1.0.5, because as much as I like the extra smooth graphics and optimized processes of 1.1, it comes at the cost of stability, and I have suffered one CTD too many this past week. My original intention was to rage-quit KSP until Squad fixed their @#$%, but with the lack of other games to keep my interest, here I am.

That said, to revert back to 1.0.5, all you need to do is opt into the "previous stable release" under the Betas tab of KSP's Properties menu in your Steam Library, then allow it to update and roll the files back. Then go to your game folder and edit the version line in the readme file (..\Steam\SteamApps\common\Kerbal Space Program\readme.txt) from 1.1.1 to 1.0.5. Then run CKAN for your mods and enjoy. The readme step is neccessary to run CKAN, otherwise it will mistake your current install for 1.1.1 and display mod compatibility accordingly.

PS:Props to @AlphaWolf for figuring out this workaround!

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this takes the crap

I thought I would be smart and turn off auto updates for KSp.

You cant WTF.

So its auto updated to 1.1.1 should have pulled the netwirk cable but that would have left me without internet.


This needs to be fixed and an optoin for disable auto updates.

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Just copy your game folder out of Steam if it bugs you when updates happen :)  Let Steam maintain a blank, stock copy, so you can monitor updates, and have your own folder for version 1.1.x for as long as you like ^^

Ok so it's advice after the fact, but you can be prepared for when 1.1.2 drops.

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Damn it :( thanks for the help though I shall do this next time I have the game setup with all the cool mods I use.


Just gutted I spent a few days getting mods and stuff and really loved messing about in KSP :).

Now I cant till the mod makers have updated again LOL.

Dont get me wrong its awesome KSP is being updated and its also awesome we have such an amazeing mod community making awesome mods just want to play play play LOL.

Ah well shall keep checking for updates for the mods I use :)

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