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V7's SW Fighter Aircraft

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I present to you:


SW-Series Fighter Aircraft Showcase!

(Phew, what a mouthful)


The Panavian Air Force has ordered for a new series of military aircraft to be manufactured, and V7 Aerospace Industries  has developed a brand-new line of aircraft to rule the skies;

The SW-Series.

New SW-Series designs will be numbered from 1-onwards.

The larger, ground strike aircraft will have their names begin with the letter F, while the smaller, air superiority fighters will have their names begin with the letter S


The V7 SW-1 Spectre




Next up:

The V7 SW-2 Switchblade




Now, the first F-class aircraft:

The V7 SW-3 Firestorm




The only single-engined one of the bunch:

The V7 SW-4 Scimitar





At last but not least, the largest of the bunch:

The V7 SW-V Falcon




That's them all! I hope you like 'em!

one final picture.





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3 hours ago, TheKosanianMethod said:

Is the Switchblade supposed to remind me of an F-15 Eagle? Great job, they are beautiful. I'll use them as inspiration for my fighters.

Yeah, I subconsciously took design aspects from the F-15.

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14 hours ago, TheKosanianMethod said:

Also, are any of these 1.05 compatible?

All of them were built in 1.05 (excluding the Falcon), when I got 1.1 I had to change the landing gear on some of them because of bugs. I'm not sure how 1.1 wheels translate into 1.05, I think the small retractable gear is equal to C7's original small gear, but I'm not sure about the larger versions.

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The newest aircraft from V7 Aerospace Industries

The V7 SW-6 Speedmaster


Successful landing in the desert after a test flight.


The rear of the aircraft, showing the airbrakes deployed


The Speedmaster has been designed to be one of the fastest fighters out there. To stay more aerodynamic than its counterparts, the Speedmaster's fuselage components are all in-line with each other.


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