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[1.2+ Update] Ven's Stock Part Revamp Community Tech Tree Patch

Mr Betelgeuse

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CTT Configs:

A long time ago, I made a quick patch that made a few things that added a new config to this mod. This basically implemented the new parts added with Ven's Stock Part Revamp to Community Tech Tree. Things like the Dachhound engine are unlocked before the reliant, and a couple changes with the SRBs. The Mk2VA cockpit is also unlocked before the MK2 (stock) cockpit, and the 2.5m Nova Nuclear engine is unlocked after the current 1.25m nuclear engine. This is for a sense of progression of engines. The Dachhound engine is much worse than the reliant/swivel, so it should be unlocked before.

To install:

First download and install Community Tech Tree (CTT) --> DOWNLOAD

Just download the file from Space Dock --> DOWNLOAD

And install it normally by extracting the gamedata folder within the file into the KSP directory. 


This patch works on all versions of KSP. And is licensed by MIT. Credit goes to @Ven for his "Stock Part Revamp Mod" and @Nertea for his "Community Tech Tree Mod".


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