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[1.4.x-1.8.x] Airplane Plus - R26.4 (Fixed issues/Github is up to date) (Dec 21, 2019)


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6 hours ago, darthvader15001 said:

I found nothing wrong with the cfm56 (Lotus) engine on the patching:

[LOG 09:22:51.354] PartLoader: Part 'AirplanePlus/Parts/Engine/Modern/CFM56/part/cfm56' has no database record. Creating.
[LOG 09:22:51.355] [KSPCF/DragCubeGeneration] Creating drag cubes for part 'cfm56'

It was loaded successfully. Please send me your ModuleManager.ConfigCache.

In time, you are still using ModuleManager4.1.4.dll . I suggest you update to 4.2.3 , as there're some important fixes and new features that some add'ons are using nowadays. Please remember to delete the older ModuleManager to avoid conflicts in KSP (it ignores the newest and loads the oldest!!!)

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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, darthvader15001 said:

@LisiasGot the new MM! do I need to load into the game for it to generate the new config cache?

Yes! Just to be on the safe side, fire it up, open a savegame, try to find the Lotus, then quit the game.

And then zip the new KSP.log and the ModuleManager.ConfigCache together and drop-in on Dropbox again!

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