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One-part shuttle

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I decided try to make one-part shuttle.

I decided to make It because I don\'t like a lots of special shuttle-only parts, and I thing it would be great to have one-part shuttle and ships.

Already done:

1. Base 3ds max model

2. Engine and RCS module

3. Toggle code for cargo bay, panels, radiator, etc.

What to do:

1. Finish model and textures

2. Add modules to part.cfg

3. Finish toggle code

4. Particle effects

Green - I know how to make it

Orange - I have to figure out how to do it


Emergency decouple

Cargo bay


Solar panels, radiators. Maybe, will functional

Own gimbaling axis of each engine.

Disadvantages of the finished shuttle:

There won\'t be smooth animation of models, and rotation of the surfaces. It will toggle

Shuttle won\'t have it\'s own gear

In the list of parts will look buggy, in VAB it will look normal

Dunno, I\'ll do it at all

Well, shuttle takes the form:


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I know C# very few. There will be only space in cargo bay, decouplers and arms will be istall from other mods and parts.

Shuttle with opened cargo bay and control surfaces in braking mode:




Solar panels and radiator:



Bank will change with only upper surfaces. Bottom surface(as you can see, it\'s one) is needed only for changind pitch and braking.

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