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Sensitive Roll

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Turn down the roll surface authority.  Also, as much as possible have pitch and roll as separate surfaces.  My shuttles the outermost surfaces are roll and pitch, inner pitch only, tail yaw only.

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Specifically:  Every control surface can be individually toggled to control pitch, and/or yaw, and/or roll.

By default, all of these are on for every surface.  This can be bad.

In particular, it's really important for the vertical stabilizer on the tail.  You should make sure that it's set to yaw only, and does not have roll authority enabled.

Reason:  If you've got roll authority turned on for the vertical stabilizer, it will deflect left or right whenever you try to roll... and that will make the plane yaw.  And then it ends up fighting itself.

General best practice:  go through every control surface on the plane, look at it and decide "what do I want it to do?" (i.e. which of pitch, roll, yaw), and turn off anything that you don't want it to do.

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