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DMSP's compilation of Missions.


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Hey all! I'm here creating this new thread because now that I finally have multiple missions running at the same time I feel like I need a place to link them all (for me and for you guys).

So, here we go!


The Call of The Void.

This is the second part of The Beginning of a Space Program. It's hopefully going to continue where the last story left Kerbin off, and hopefully I will go to many different worlds with this one.





Light it up-A trip to Laythe and Back.

Light It Up was originally created when I wanted to do a practice mission to Laythe of deploying a station and landing on the surface in 1.1.3. I then thought: Heck! Let's make a video out of it. The music fit the video very well, I like that it's fast. I can safely say that this is my best one yet.



The beginning of a space program.

This mission report is about the development of a space program (originally called DMSP) from small probes to the future of space exploration. I try to update it as much as possible and I really do love writing it, I'm sticking with it for a while.





It's so Classic-A trip around the Mün.

Well, I made this video because a) I wanted to use the song Classic somewhere and b) I wanted a few views and a new video. I had no expectation that it would end up on Video Wednesdays.



Messing with the Mun, Mucking with the Mun, and Taking on Tylo.

Taking on Tylo is the real jewel out of these. Check it out.


Old Stuff (plenty of stuff here).


All the stuff I lost to the Kraken, gave up on due to lack of responses, or just got bored of (and the occasional thing I did right).

Just don't stop me now! Completed Video!
To Ike! Completed Video!
Laythe Cargo Run 1. Completed Video!

Laythe's Calling. Kraken.
Dunbas-1. Kraken.
DM Missions, DMSP Missions. Lack of responses+Bored.
Don't even remember what this was called, but it was about a trip to Laythe to save Kerbality. Lack of responses+Bored.
Laythe Base-1. Kraken.
Again, no relocation on what this was called think it was similar to a mission thread. Real Life+Lack of responses+Got bored of.
How to survive on Laythe-Kerlee's log. Kraken. I really liked this one too and spent hours trying to recover the save after it broke.


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6 hours ago, UnusualAttitude said:

Yay! All of DMSP's cute contraptions in one place!

Thank you! I'm glad I finally put all the links together.

40 minutes ago, max_creative said:

YES!!! We need this!

Rip all your old saves due to krakens though.

I think I'm pushing on 7 now!

And thanks, you're always there with kind words for me.

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