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New custom IVA Props invisible in Unity

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Hi, I'm having a weird issue in Unity that's making it quite tricky to get an IVA right.

I made some new props using Raster Prop Monitor (although I seriously doubt it's an RPM issue so much as a prop issue).  I made the meshes as normal through blender, imported them fine, tagged as Kerbals layer, exported out, created props config, and I can adds them to an IVA via the part tools screen just fine.  But the added prop mesh is invisible in Unity.  The transform of where they are is fine.  And they show up in game just fine, and function fine.  But obviously placing them just right by iterative guesswork and reloading is going to make me lose hair, turn to the bottle, or both.

Searching for visibility issues with props has netted me a vast collection of reminders to set the layers to get things visible in KSP.  But that's working just fine.  It's Unity that's not showing things.


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2 hours ago, InsaneDruid said:

But it is marked visible in the inspector (the checkmark on the top left in the inspector)?


Also, to update, I just recently found what this was.

In my config I had the MODEL{model = /path/modelname} section suggested in a few places.  I removed that (most props just seem to work on the assumption that there's a mu file in the directory and that's what to use) and it's all fine again.

So, something about the MODEL tag is perfectly fine with KSP, but not the Unity + part tools combo.  And deleting it, without replacing it with anything (eg: mesh=) works fine in both KSP and Unity.


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