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Incorrect Clock when loading Savegame (edited/transferred .sfs)

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Here are the symptoms: I'm running 1.1.2, and using multiple backup savefiles which I transfer between computers, for ReasonsTM. Savefile A is at a Universal Time (UT) of year 1, day 1 and Savefile  B is at year 7 day 45. Both of these dates show up in the savefile selection menu. 

Now, suppose I start in Savefile A and then load Savefile B, everything in B is as it should be except that the UT clock is at Y1D1, matching Savefile A. Examining the FLIGHTSTATE section of the .sfs I find that Savefile B does indeed have a UT of 56180909.2327814 corresponding to the correct date. But when I play from B the UT clock shows Y1 D1, and the planets etc. are all in positions corresponding to that date.

So: from where else could the game possibly be getting time value other than in the FLIGHTSTATE section? 

I am running several mods including Kopernicus, EVE, KER and a couple of others but this seems like more of a stock issue. Thanks!


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