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Real Solar system. Europa report


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New flight of interplanetary space ship "Neil Armstrong", new mission into the cold and dark depths of space. At this time goal of expedition is Europe - the second moon of Jupiter, and one of few places in our solar system where life can exist.



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A tour de force!  Bravo!  I especially liked how the base made orbit riding a pumpkin and massive respect for the insanely long burn heading out.  I was kinda surprised you left half the lander behind, though.  Now you have to send another one to get the next crew down :)


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12 hours ago, HoloYolo said:

Looks great, but STOCK RSS would've been 10x better.

My computer would explode if i'll try to do something like this with stock RSS, without procedural tanks, hydrogen engines, nuclear reactors and other stuff. Stock means many parts, and many parts means low FPS.

And also i dont like how stock game looks, i like to build nice, smooth, realistic rockets and beautiful spaceships, but not those huge ugly monsters like in stock game

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14 hours ago, Geschosskopf said:

... and massive respect for the insanely long burn heading out.


Yeah...Ion engines so huge isp, but so low thrust. Even using x4 time acceleration, in real life i had to spend about an hour for this burn.

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57 minutes ago, UnusualAttitude said:

Dammit boy! I'm looking forward to your report of a crewed mission to Europa with stock parts. I am expecting to see it on my blasted desk by 9am Monday. Have a jolly good weekend ! :D

Call down, Barty.  At least his last trip ended better than the movie of the same name :)


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