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KSP assets for Autodesk Maya/3dstudio compatibility?

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I want to use some of the KSP assets, mostly the models for a few rocket parts and fairings, as well as the a model of the kerbals. Are these assets compatible for use in these animation suites?


(also, will Squad let me use the assets, this particular animation isn't going to be monetized or earn money in any way)

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You can use the ingame assets in fan videos for Kerbal Space Program. So if your planned production is such a thing, and credits Squad for their copyrighted assets, then you're good to go.

If you want to use the assets, but make something that isn't KSP-related (you want to do a CGI movie about a funny robot and a dog, and need a rocket for your background), then it's less likely that it'll be allowed, even unmonetized. I would abstain in this case if I were you.

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