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Looking to fill in CTT with lightweight mods


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Hey, I'm trying to figure out if there are any lightweight mods out there that will help fill in specific areas of CTT. Ideally I'm looking for mods that have a stock-like game balance (though I'm not picky whether the textures are stockalike or not).

Specifically I'm wondering about:

Enhanced Survivability and Basic Cockpits: I have no idea what could go here.

Subsonic flight, Efficient Flight, Specialized Flight Systems: Haven't tinkered too much with aerospace mods simply because I am worried about system resource limits.

Experimental Aerospace Engines, Advanced Aerospace Engineering -- Not even sure I want to fill these in but it can't hurt to ask.

Advanced and Experimental Actuators  -- Infernal robotics seems like it might be a really heavyweight, high-resource addon, though I could be wrong; and I am a little worried whether my wimpy system can handle it.

Exotic Alloys -- Random empty node in the middle of nowhere. Ugh.

Gigantic and Colossal Rocketry -- Another one I'm not sure I even want to tinker with, but might as well ask.

Orbital Assembly, Orbital Megastructures -- USI Kolonization gives a couple buildings here, I'm wondering if there aren't more out there? This seems like it could be a really cool end-game payload area.

Colonization and Advanced Colonization -- USI Kolonization doesn't actually extend to the colonization node! It only fills in short-term and long-term habitation. I tried filling this in with the K&K Colony mod, but it fills in the same nodes as UKS.

Specialized cockpits -- Have tried a couple of times to fill this in with EG Joolian Discovery. It is still empty.

Recycling and Hydroponics -- Have one module apiece in each of these, definitely feels like wasted science getting to short-term habitation right now.

Mods I ALREADY have, which probably won't be useful:
USI UKS, USI-LS, USI-Konstruction, USI-SoundingRockets


Contract Configurator

-- HistoricMission Pack

CrowdSourcedScience Joolian Discovery

Darkside Technology (Looks like the part folder just has some hubs and crewhubs).



NearFuture Props, Propulsion, Solar, Spacecraft





I pretty much recommend all of those, especially OrbitalTug as long as you don't mind your best parts being very very yellow.

Thanks for the help all! I really appreciate it.



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Well, you are kind of stuck in a catch 22, You want to fill up the tech tree but keep your install light weight. You may have to resort to some picking, choosing and moving of things to get it all looking how you want it. As far as lightweight goes, textures seem to be the biggest drain on the RAM limit, however, I would also be more concerned about mods like remote tech than Infernal Robotics, since RT is always running in the background.

SXT is the ultimate lightweight mod, however I don't believe it supports the CTT. You might find it rewarding to learn to use Module Manager to customize part configs. For my game, I made patches to move stuff like the Large Mars Habitat and the huge habitat ring to appropriate nodes. 

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Yeah, if I figure out how to move stuff around I can just fill in most of my blank tech spots myself. I will take a look at SXT and SpaceY. Thanks, you guys have given me something to think about.

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