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The Star Fleet Mini Collection


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The Star Fleet Mini Collection

Sector 7 Space Laboratories

These craft have been very challenging for such small craft, each have their unique launcher and difficult but yet fun challenging ways of control. Please note, none have a nav ball that is reading correctly, some if not all have opposite controls much like a real aircraft, down is up and up is down. The launchers are not my best work but they can get you off to a really good orbit for space travel and the two space craft pack a punch, I don't know for sure but these could be the smallest Interplanetary craft built in KSP. I had know idea that these craft were going to travel the distance they are going. None have been in any orbit other than Kerbin and I am not sure if they can achieve any other Mun or Planet's orbit, mainly because of the difficulties with the navigation ball because of the way the craft was built. All require much patience.



Photo Album


The Mini Enterprise AC-1

Parts: 46
Mass: 1.704t
Height: 1.8m
Width: 2.1m
Length: 4.0m

The Mini Enterprise AC-2

Parts: 78 
Mass: 2.774t
Height: 14.8m
Width: 2.9m
Length: 2.3m

The Mini Enterprise

Parts: 176 
Mass: 315.108t
Height: 41.6m
Width: 11.2m
Length: 11.2m

The Mini Enterprise I. C. E.

Parts: 75 
Mass: 39.060t
Height: 20.4m
Width: 4.0m
Length: 5.9m

Flight Operations
The Mini Enterprise AC-1 launches in a very unique way, from a cart. Launch with full throttle and decouple at near 40 m/s tapping the W key and your off.

The Mini Enterprise AC-2 launches in it's unique way by engaging the Juno Engines and waiting about 7 or so seconds for them to build thrust and then release and your in flight.

The Mini Enterprise launches with full throttle & SAS, use RCS to stop the gravity turn, you might want to slow the engines down for better control during the gravity turn but no necessary.

The Mini Enterprise I. C. E. launches the same way as The Mini Enterprise with full throttle & SAS, slow the engines down for better control during the gravity turn and enjoy the solar system.

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