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[1.1.3] - [0.1] Kerbol Expanded Bodies


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Firstly, I need to thank all of the folks who made this possible:

@Gravitasi - For making the original Trans-Keptunian mod (which I'm butchering... sorry.)

@The White Guardian - For making the great tutorials that finally got my foot into the kopernicus door.

@CaptRobau - For making the Outer Planets mod and creating a standard of beauty t work towards.

@GregroxMun - For making RevSS and other planet packs which initially inspired me (and for setting another standard of beauty).

@KillAshley - For providing configs for me to rip apart and repurpose. sorry.

@Thomas P. - For developing kopernicus in the first place.


Download @ Spacedock


Have you ever thought to yourself, "Y'know, There really aren't enough objects like Dres and Eeloo"? No? I don't care, It's happening anyway. Yes? Good for you! This planet pack aims to add an assortment of brightly colored rocks to the outer solar system, the near-vacant space between Duna and Jool, and even adding moons to certain bodies!


0.1: Initial Release

License: Attribution NonCommercial 4.0 International

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On 9/8/2016 at 11:40 PM, legoclone09 said:

Wow! More Dreses! I've always wanted that! :D

Just kidding, sounds cool! Maybe a Charon analog and some of Pluto's other moons. Don't forget Kerberos, it's calling us!

Yeah, I'm actually lumping in a revamped Trans-Keptunian which was supposed to ease the workload for the initial release. Unfortunately, Gravitasi's PQS looked like complete gibberish to me and I decided to redo them from scratch. So far I have one dwarf planet done called "Vastin," just a little bit larger than Dres and sharing a similar orbit. I might have to just release it alone until I can at least redo Putto, Rheis, and Dhar.

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3 hours ago, DirtyFace83 said:

While we wait patiently for this mod to incorporate them, can anyone point me to a working d/l link for the Trans-Keptunian mod v0.4?



Apparently the link doesn't work. That's certainly a way to put a fire under my ass. :rolleyes:

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15 hours ago, waerth said:

Good idea. Will these be compatible with OPM?


Yes, it will. I'll be working on it again soon, I've gotten kind of distracted from the forums, but I will be working on this again soon.

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