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How to increase physics range??


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Hi guys!

I love KSP (as I'm sure most people here do), I have over 1040 hours on it, yet I can't build to my full potential because of the render physics distance!!

I have built a Low Earth Orbit Station (80km) with the 'USAF Airborne Laser' from the BD Armory Mod and I REALLY want to strike the KSC with the Lazers :D. Unfortunately, the KSP physics render range is not that far. Would ANYONE know of a mod that can help me with this? I'm not too good with coding and stuff so I can't really edit the game's....laws of physics.

Any help would be much appreciated!!

Cheers :D


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As far as I know this is a built in limitation of the game engine and there is no way of changing it.

I've seen a few mods here and there claiming that they increase the physics bubble range or stop the unloading of the ship, but they are all out dated so I've never tried one. I don't know of any current mods or mod projects that are working on this. Perhaps someone else knows of one?

Best of luck!

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I don't know enough about the internal details of the game engine to say whether this is something that's moddable or not.  There are pretty good reasons why the physics bubble exists-- basically, it's needed to keep the game's performance from imploding.

So, issues here:

  • I'm not sure whether what you want is actually technically possible
  • If it is possible, it may not be practically feasible (i.e. a mod that extended the physics bubble to be huge may cause such performance problems as to make the game unplayable.

In any case, if anything could be done, it would have to be a mod, so this topic really belongs in Add-on Discussions.  Moving there.

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It s not a matter of performance but precision. The physic engine runs on single precision float and if you increase the bubble too much then objects that are far from the origin will use low precision physics. And things go mad fast when you do physic with a lowered precision ( I m not doing the math to know the precision at a 100km on my phone :wink:


Edit : ok, I am so bored that I did it. 1cm at 100km. And that's before doing any math with it, it will get far worse.

So a really bad idea 

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