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Should we allow multiple launches in a single 48-hour turn?  

  1. 1. Should we allow multiple launches in a single 48-hour turn?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Only if they're combined into a single lander

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Hmm. This thread got shoved way down on the forum, and dogon11's inbox is too full to send him a PM. Gotta love these growing pains!

Just so this isn't a simple "bump": Zoxygene has turned out to be fun, if only because I had to EVA one of my Kerbals to stay alive when my Munar insertion orbit spent too long in Kerbin's shadow. If no one else adds it, I might!

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I'll consider it depending on what is added prior to my turn. It looks like Kosmos and Novapunch have already been added, so I'll have to see what else I used in my space station. I want to ask the thread this, or perhaps you can put it on the front page, but I have a variety of large ships that use mainly Kosmos as structural pieces and NP as the delivery vehicle - a Kerbin orbiter, smaller Mun orbiter (smaller in comparison to my kerbin orbiter) and a Munar lander. I could feasibly get any of these vehicles to either Moon, and I wouldn't mind if the rest of the community gave me a location of where to pilot it to and which vehicle to put up. On the two orbiters, if ISA Mapsat and/or the Muon detector haven't been added (they aren't really necessary for the community file, I guess) I could replace them with more body sections or crew tanks for balance and giving people a place to EVA to.

Here's KLOSS IV (Kerbin Low-Orbit Space Station - would be MOSS for Munar or Minmussian orbit)


Nebo Orbiter - A smaller orbiter meant mainly for ISA/Muon detection. Also uses Deep Space mission pack for the centrifuge piece.


Methodios Base Alpha - Sorry for the angle, but it's the only one I have of it right now. It's probably about 2/3 the size of KLOSS IV, mostly horizontal.


Anyway, I'm willing to let the community decide what to do with my launch. I could probably toss a rover on the Methodios Base so people have stuff to play with once they get there and land it near a Mun arch or something. Also, for the Nebo orbiter I did a .cfg edit of DJY's Crew Tank so that it fits under the 1m command pod and holds 2 Kerbals and was rebalanced for fuel and mass and stuff. It functions just like the normal crew tank - you must have the command pod full or else you won't be able to take Kerbals out of the crew tank.

So, yeah. Let me know what my limits are, I still have time before my turn to launch so people can have a choice in what I fly where and what I should be able to add. My only issue is that I'd want to add like 1 or 2 parts from a few mods rather than the whole thing, but you addressed that with my "custom" pack on the first post.

Thanks anyway, and I can't wait.

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Dogon11, I've added a picture to the first post as well and added Kosmos SSPP to the required mods list.

Please, everyone, remember to post the picture and the link to your mod when you finish. It will make it a lot easier for me to manage the overall thread when I don't need to spend time searching back and forth through the thread (or the addon releases board) for your addon. Right now the forums are a bit broken but you can do images and links like this:


This links to the mod thread for Kosmos



That results in:

This links to the mod thread for Kosmos


wildkittyv1, keep in mind that the config edited part would break everyone's ships that have already used the part. It would need to be a different part folder, which means you'd need to upload it somewhere.

Radzaarty, it's your turn!

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wildkittyv1, keep in mind that the config edited part would break everyone's ships that have already used the part. It would need to be a different part folder, which means you'd need to upload it somewhere.

Oh, I know. I have the original crew tank and the smaller version I edited in my game. I'm just asking in advance of my turn because I know you guys have rules and I don't want to overstep any bounds or try to break any or anything unless people are cool with it. That's also why I'm willing to let people make some suggestions as to what they'd like me to launch and where, or if you have any suggestions. Don't see anything on Minmus or orbiting it, so I could put an orbiter or base up there somewhere, or I could put one near an arch or on ones of the poles of the Mun or something. I don't know, nobody's signed up after me so I'm just taking it as it comes atm.

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She's up and in a mostly opposite and inner orbit to the KLOSS.

I failed at doing a crew transfer, so if anyone is up for it, she has 6 spots available xD

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Needed to add the Persistance xD
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Alright...... were down!


First, the Komms 1 went into orbit (because the other orbiter is useless for this mission).


Then, the K2-STMM (Stock-Major Mods) Launched.

After an uneventful trip, the Novapunch ascent stage was discarded and the K2 landed safely with a new Zokesian record for minimal fuel consumption.

But then things got pear-shaped.

Bily-Bob Kerman left the ship and went to the big lander. Fine. But then Bob was feeling his oats and decided to go to the Mayflower II. He got in the cabin then proptly couldn't get out. OH NO!!!!!!


They were saved by the ejection of the return stage, but now since the Mayflower is not recorded as a ship (it had no mechjeb) the only way to enter and leave are with one kerbonaut. THat means DO NOT EVER PUT ALL THE KERBONAUTS INTO IT AT ONCE OR FILL IT UP FULL!!!!! You will never see them again.

Really sorry about the mayflower.........

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Sounds like it got nasty. Too bad you didn't save a persistent.sfs before that!

I'll be glad to have the NovaPunch fairings available, but wow is the part list getting long. Just a reminder, anyone having performance issues with the number of mods can PM me about your flight plans, I'll make a simplified save file that matches your plans, and TheCardinal can generate a simplified parts pack with just the parts needed for whatever ships are left in the simplified save.

If people don't post pictures, I'm just adding text descriptions to the first post from this point forward.

TheGripenSaidWhat?, you're cleared for launch. Anyone want to sign up for another turn?

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I launched it, flew it into a circular orbit at 30.000 km and it looked great, however ...... The craft has four armes on hinges which extend when in orbit. Deployed those armes flap every five to ten seconds violently. In it's current form i'm not sure that it won't pose problems to other users, therefor i will alter the craft with rotatrons instead of hinges. If those cause the same problems as the hinges, i will remove the Damned Aerospace mod completely and launch the craft without movable arms.

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I couldn't modify the craft in such a way that the foldable arms remained usable, so i had to remove them (and i removed the Damned Aerospace mod). The Damned Aerospace mod in it's current state is unusable. It has to be revised by the author(s) for 0.16. It's a Damned Shame because it is such a useful mod to move and bend things. Instead i have added the Camera 1.1 pack. I modded the part.cfg of the telescope so it really behaves like a telescope i.e. it has several camera's inside with several magnifications (alter maginification by pressing F7 or F8). The link to the modified part.cfg will be below. If you want to use it default, add the MuMechLib.dll as required plugin. The camera part is not required for the telesope.


This was the original craftcraft


This is the craft after removal of the arms and the addition of some extra solar panels.


A picture of the second stage at half a kilometer as seen through the telesope at the biggest magnification.


Finally a pretty picture of the Distant Observatory with Kerbin and the Mun as seen through a camera on the second stage.

The modified part.cfg: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/47942810/part.cfg

The new persistent.sfs file: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/47942810/persistent.sfs

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Cardinal, why do you say that DA/DR doesn't work? There are .16 releases for both, I have both installed, and both work just fine for me like they did in .15.2

Edit: And since I'm up after Bioman, I'm going to wait and see what/if he adds before making any decision. I might just do a different version of one of my stations/bases or go with something new. I gotta look over the mods added and make a decision, I just don't want to add something ridiculous like NovaPunch or KW Rocketry that has a crap ton of parts if I'm only going to be using a dozen or so of them.

2nd Edit: Seems NP was already added, along with Kosmos, so I'll be plenty fine... mwahahaha - I think I might go and slap something together to make either a crewable orbiter or a base on Minmus. Should I add more than 1 crewtank? I can pretty much make anything work and land/fly/orbit anything, so it really doesn't matter to me.

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