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Gus and Thomp [Comic Strip]


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EDIT: I've put this on hold until I can play the game without CTDs. 


Elcano attempt gone awry. Two budding engineers steal Jeb and Bills' Elcano Rover and go for a spin. Scroll down to get straight to the comic. 

Longer, yet still readable:

I was making grand plans (and many design iterations) for a Kerbin Elcano Challenge attempt. Didn't like the fact that my very capable speedboat had to forego rover wheels for airplane landing gear to be amphibious AND fast.

Frustration is best left on the back burner for a moment, and so I cleared my head by making a couple cool jeeps and land rovers and pickups. One of these turned out to be great fun in the hills and mountains west of KSC. Only problem was it had no means to do water crossings. I considered detachable pontoons and a polar route so I could knock out the water part relatively early, then get on with it. Then I said screw it. I'm gonna break the rules. I'm more interested in telling a story than getting the badge. I'll go ahead with the truck. 

So, within the story, the idea is that 2 yokels from a shared rural childhood make their way to marginally successfully careers doing menial engineer tasks around KSC. Gus is a little more diligent, and makes Lt. Engineer, rising to help with minor design implementations of the Elcano rover. Thomp does just enough to get by, so him and his pal Gus can share their adventures, and usually spends his day at various custodial duties - the most prestigious being cleaning out engine bells at the test stand. 

Anyways, their story picks up with them enjoying a few "snacks" after work. Hope you enjoy!















Already working on chapter 2! Thanks for taking a look. 


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4 minutes ago, DrunkenKerbalnaut said:

I'll knuckle down on chapter 2 ASAP. I'm playing it as I do the strip, so there's a bit of prep involved. And driving. Luckily the Appleseed is stable in rolling hills at 3x physics acceleration!

Awesome. Drive safe.

Actually, don't bother. It will make for a more entertaining story... :D

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8 hours ago, UnusualAttitude said:

Awesome. Drive safe.

Actually, don't bother. It will make for a more entertaining story... :D

Well, to be fair, the journey will be partially scripted. I've had a few tumbles when launching sideways off hill crests at 35m/s, but those won't necessarily make the cut for the strip. F5/F9. However, the Appleseed isn't immune to mechanical failure, and I've got plans for that, story-wise. 

Basically, the plan is to run each leg, screenshots to the gills, layout  the panels and dialogue, then prep for the next stage. In the next chapter you will see a bit of what I mean by prep. I've already launched a few props to various locations for scenes to come. And the boys just made it to the waypoint that wraps up chapter 2.  

I've really made a lot of work for myself here :) .

The upside is, some other characters will be introduced!

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