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[1.2] SR-71 Blackbird V2

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I wasn't happy with the first one, as it did not look too much like the blackbird. So I went back and redid it. Enjoy!

Pics: http://imgur.com/gallery/kPFQE

Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1ly46lhrkp7ce1g/SR-71 Blackbird.craft?dl=0










(P.S. I know some of my craft are pretty bad. I basically lost almost all of my replica making skills from a year ago and I still wonder how I made some craft look so good. I'm not happy with the F-35 and F-16 I've made so I probably will re-do them and hopefully make better replicas in the future :). Also, this craft is almost impossible to fly. Keeps sideslipping. Might be due to the tail fins being tiny compared to the craft itself.)

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Looks good! It kind of reminds me of my first craft ever in KSP, back in the old days (pre-Porkjet MK2) when i made DOZENS of these things, all mediocre at best. But you've nailed the design, and with a few tweaks and maybe a custom cockpit and it'd be spot-on.

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Certainly looks like a Blackbird to me!

For longitudinal stability, you could try hiding some reaction wheels inside the fuselage to provide more torque than the tailfins produce.  Make sure your engines provide enough electricity to power those wheels.  To counter sideslip you might hide some Vernor thrusters in the wing roots along the engine nacelles and/or the chines on the nose.

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@i like turtles I know how you feel! My Harrier was constantly side-slipping and I messed with Weight distribution and everything. I got so fed up with it that I clipped something like 12 ASAS (do people still call it that? I'm so v0.18) into the fuselage and that seemed to fix the problem! Vernors are amazing though, and I pretty much use them on every VTOL or stubborn craft. They work wonders!

Lovely SR-71 though, so much better than my crappy old one that could barely lift its nose above the horizon!

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