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[1.1.3] Gargantua Black Hole (UPDATE)


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What this mod does is add a black hole to your game! (Warp drive HIGHLY recommended.)

Well. That's really it. Note that Kopernicus is REQUIRED:




NOTE: For any fixes of the "Millers world." Please send me a message for the download. Aswell as the recompilement for 1.2



Download Link:  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B04xgDYdUNb0bWQ2RTZ4UDNTa28?usp=sharing

4GB texture download: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B04xgDYdUNb0RDdhM2dzSWs2aDA?usp=sharing

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3 hours ago, Mikki said:

Glad you made it happen! I must install a separate KSP instance with some sophisticated mods to visit gargantua...
Thank you!

Your welcome! And also, can you help me with making millers world a thing?


3 hours ago, EnriqueB said:

Please make textures in .dds for the computers of 4GB, please

I will make a seperate download for you :)


DOWNLOAD ADDED: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B04xgDYdUNb0SXJlUUhlY0JuMDQ?usp=sharing

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In the next release you can add Mann's Planet?

What is that Semi-Major Axis?


            referenceBody = Sun
            color = 0,0,0,0
            inclination = 22
            eccentricity = 0
            semiMajorAxis = 700000000000000000
            longitudeOfAscendingNode = 40
            argumentOfPeriapsis = 190
            meanAnomalyAtEpoch = 1.572233872023
            epoch = 30000000000000

Luckily, i have Galactic Neigborhood, and its stars are faaaar awaaaay from the core.

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