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Looking for a place that collects .ckan based modlists


Are you intrested in something like the MOD Docket?  

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  1. 1. Are you intrested in something like the MOD Docket?

    • No. not at all
    • Yes, I would download some one elses modlists
    • Yes, I would provide modlists
    • Yes, both of it
  2. 2. Are you intrested in something like the MOD Docket for ModuleManager Patches?

    • Yes
    • No

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Since I now know that something like that was actually done but died, I try to figure out why.


Original post:


! I'm only talking about modlists, NOT modpacks. A modlist doesn't contain any modfiles, it's just a text file !

just a disclaimer I don't want so summon any pitchforks or torches.

Hello together,

As you read in the title I'm looking for a place to collect modlists based on .ckan Files. There was once a Thread like that but I'm not able to find that now but it was dead anyway. (The thread is stickied... I meant the MOD Docket) There is also something similar to that on kerbalx.com KerbalX Modlists but as you see there isn't much that is actually useful. I don't think I'm the only one who would appreciate an easy way to share your modded installs with others and an easy way to get a new experience by playing a modlist from someone else.


For example take Bob Fitch's YouTube series. Imagine you could go to a Thread in the forum and download the .ckan file for his installment and play just like him.

(That's just an example I don't even know if he is using ckan to manage his installation and I know he's patching his mods to make it fit but why not also allow it to upload the MM file to get the patches to.)

Or remember Scott Manley's Interstellar Quest. it's the same just go to a Thread or maybe to SpaceDock and download a .ckan file to install the mods and some MM patches to make them work together.


To summarize my thoughts, I'm looking for:

  • a place that collects different modlists based on .ckan files. A nice description what the modlist is all about and the version it was made for. Here what I imagine a entry could/should look like
  • Spoiler

    Title: The low footprint stock expansion

    Uploader: gh7531



    A modlist with mods to add a few missing parts while reusing the stock textures to reduce memory usage and disk space. Also some quality of life improvements.

    Used Mods:

    • .....
    • .....
    • .....
    • .....

    Required MM Patches: download required patches here

    .ckan file: Download .ckan file


    If things don't work contact the uploader and NOT the mod maker


  • a place that collects MM patches for the modlists or even better in general since searching for compatibility patches for different mods can be painful.

Things to be done to make it work (assuming there isn't something like I'm looking for already)

  • get approval by the mod makers since modlists(packs) are a very hot debated topic
  • add the actual version of the mod that needs to be installed in the .ckan file. As far as I know its currently only the name of the mod.
  • being able to install a specific version of a mod via ckan.
  • find a place to hosts the .ckan files. That could be a Thread and links to github, dropbox etc. or even a new category on SpaceDock
  • the same for MM patches.
  • people who like to create and share there modlists/MM patches.
  • people who want to play someone else's modlist/MM patches.



Please let me know what you think about that. I imagine it's something a lot of people would like but I could be completely wrong about that.

Also while I searched if something like that was already put on the table I was not able to find anything. However if I just missed something please point it out.

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Just now, DrLicor said:

Hmm that's only relevant for people who aren't like bob fitch haha. He edits the mods, so the modlist he has isn't downloadable unless he uploads his mods. But indeed. It would be a good thing. Just something like AVC

Thanks for your answer :)

That is why I thought about providing also MM patches so that the patches could be applied too. At least for parts and config files that should do the trick

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