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Exploding at 2600m constantly

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Seems any time I make a rocket, the game decides to more than rapidly explode my rocket at around 2500-2600m.  Basically, I'll get close, the game will get jittery.  Then the rocket goes and splits apart at insane velocities.  I've seen it sometime explode so badly that parts burned up in the atmosphere. 


I've tested this with a few different rocket designs and looked at the post mission report and basically it shows catastrophic failure of dozens of components within less than a second.  This kinda leads me to believe it's some kind of game engine _ clownery and not my design.  The fact it also happens at 2600m almost all the time is telling. 


I did a debug with unbreakable parts and it STILL does it.

I did a debug with no gravity and was able to gently hover past the 2600m mark at around 100m/s?

It happens in both the 64bit version and the not-64 version.

ship design doesn't seem to be a factor, but speed and/or gravity might?  Note also in previous versions!  This rocket worked!  Now I can't get one past 2600?  I don't know what's goin on.

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I had a similar problem a few versions back. It was from a part that had a double reference in it's file on the ship. Once I found the part I removed it's double reference, which was on the parent part in that case, and it stopped exploding at 6k where it would almost certainly do it. It could be similar.

AKA, I had to edit the parts file and delete one line that should have had a double entry. It did all sorts of cool stuff like we could blow it up on the runway and make the parts dance around in an upward climb while they all moved around each other like around a black whole and stuff.


I would have resolved this earlier had I realized there was a second parts reference on the mother part for the radiator causing the problem. If I had known that earlier I would have found the issue and deleted the second reference. But I only remove the main part from the file not the reference from the part I put it on. If this is the same issue take note of that because it may not resolve it until a double reference is gone which may be on the mother part.

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OH boy... yea that sounds fun.  That sounds about right.  I made a really quick 'icbm' type rocket just to test and it seemed to work fine.  So I'd bet the problem is with the main cargo itself since it's the only thing in common.

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