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KSPeriments: BEST aerodynamics in 1.2.2


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Good day!

We are looking for the best aerodynamic model, in passing figuring out the properties and characteristics of certain parts in KSP 1.2.1. Finding the golden mean between minimalistic craft and one large fairing is a very important aspect of the game. At this time, I've written a series of video experiments for you to see firsthand the effectiveness of different models.

These five KSPeriments relate to Kerbin. How to make the perfect craft? Let's find out!

I'm going to regularly update this thread with new videos. But, sure, you can always see new experiments there:
This is my KSPeriments playlist.

Feel free to comment and ask anything. English is not my native language, but I'm sure I can explain all that's required.

Thanks for watching! :3

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New experiments are here!

Do we need to close intakes in 1.2.1?


This is my november masterpiece. Practical use of aerodynamics niceties - fully automatical SSTO. No control surfaces, no sas, no rcs, no gimbal! Press space to get into space!

Craft download link: https://yadi.sk/d/Ljdu4N1jzJGGC


Unfortunately, Eve aerodynamics is full of bugs. You might know what will happen if you'll use several crafts at one time.

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