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A Kerbal Suggestion- Cosmic Radiation

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"In Our system we have Kerbol Radiation Not Cosmic Radiation"

-Crazy Kerbal Scientist No.1947

Im Back here with another great suggestion:

Presenting........... The Suggestion that would take years for me to figure out:


oh well , What do i even say , This game doesn't have any sort of Cosmic radiation , so i came up with this , Going to explain Breifly:

1- Lets say for example i reached space in a Manned Vehicle and my spacecraft has a MK1 Cockpit which has weak radiation sheilding so basically the Mk1 Pilot is going to get exposed to radiation alot and if that goes on for a long time. Like for example 100 Kerbal days . The Pilot is going to die . Also Side Note: The Radiation mode only triggers in Normal , Hard , Extreme Difficulity's . so for any new people in the game they can just go on easy mode or on custom.

2- If i had a Mk3 for example it would keep its crew alive MORE than the Mk1 , For example MK1: 100 Days  MK3: 300 Days . And if the Cockpit is surrounded or covered by something it would stand more for example a normal MK1 would stand 100 days but a MK1 which is covered by a shield stands for 150 Days.

3- Space EVA's: If any Kerbal went for EVA his suit would protect him from radiation for atleast 30 days. Continuesly

4- Planetary EVA's : If a Kerbal went for EVA on Kerbin his suit would protect him for a infinite amount of time since Kerbin is habitable , but if a Kerbal went for EVA on Duna his Suit would Protect him from radiation for 200 Days , Continuesly 

5- Recovering : If a Kerbal went into space for a long time and came back to kerbin , he would recover / Or if a kerbal went into a Hab Module He would recover too

+Another Idea


So basically ingame Solar flares would have the same effect as radiation. Except for : 

1- it would distrupt communications

2- the closer a spacecraft is to the sun ,a solar flare. the more vunerable is it to overheating.

3- Kerbals Doing EVA inside Moho's orbit to the sun are facing a serious death sentence if any of the solar flares appear

4- 1 Major Solar flare would appear every year

5- Every atmospheric Planetery body that has a magnetosphere is Safe

and That's all folks

Please make this true

Thanks for reading

-Taco Kerman

Year 201.6


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Kerbals are radiation proof, that's why they're green. Joking aside, I believe such an idea is beyond the current scope, it's too realistic and requires too much micromanagement and it's not really a feature that adds much immersion. Adding life-support systems to the game would have a similar effect on the gaming experience, and is much more controllable. But even the implementation of that is uncertain.

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We have g tolerance, so why not?  My issue with this is that we are really talking about another slant on life support.  We are far from having a community consensus on what we want life support to be like (equipment requirements v. Consumables).  Working radiation shielding into different hab modules (hab1 capable of housing Kerbals in space for 180 days!) would be worthwhile, IMO.  I favor equipment based life support ideas.  Someone who favors consumeabkes bay have a bar that fills up with total Kuries of radiation absorbed by a given Kerbal.

This is a good idea that may be difficult to do well.  This doesn't mean we shouldn't do it, but we can expect teething problems.

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Kerbin is so close to the sun that it would be getting a constant and ferocious dose of radiation, Kerbals have probably evolved to be radiation-proof.

That aside, I think this falls into the category of Life-Support. If the devs are going to add life support systems into the game then I think radiation would be a good addition.

If they don't add life support, then something more simple would do the trick, features like: Keeping the Kerbals out of Van Allen belts, for instance, and upgrading the tech tree to have better radiation proofing or risk your Kerbals dieing in deep space.

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