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[1.3] TrackIR 5 not detected in x64 (again; still)

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First I want to say, I'm aware of this thread:

But, not wanting to necro it and using this as an opportunity to gather all recent information into one thread, I'm starting this here.

To state nothing new: In the vanilla state, freshly installed, the 64bit KSP (for quite some time now) is not able to connect to the TrackIR 5 software. The user could work around this problem by replacing the TrackIRUnity.dll in the KSP_Data/Managed folder with this one: https://github.com/medsouz/Unity-TrackIR-Plugin-DLL/releases.

However, this does no longer work in KSP 1.2.1x64.

TrackIR 5.4 does no longer connect to the 64bit Unity application at all, with or without fixed DLL.

I'm fully aware that this issue is already known, but also afraid that it might be ignored for now, as in this issue ticker, http://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/9456 the last response says:


Updated by -dead- about 1 month ago

Still a problem in KSP 1.2 -- workaround still works.
I know it's low priority, but it's also a 2 second fix: just replace the file -- it's not exactly rocket science (ironic). ;-)

However this is no longer the case for KSP 1.2.1x64. The vanilla DLL that comes with the clean install AND the supposed fix do no longer provide a connection between the TrackIR 5 software and the game engine.

I'm also aware there is a community modification for Headtracking equipment of all kinds, found here:

However, the DLL provided by this mod has the same problem on a 64bit install as the supposed 'fix' (likely the same). I myself was using KerbTrack up until KSP 1.2, then the update to 1.2.1 broke headtracking completly for me (and others I imagine). I ruled out the update replacing the fixed DLL with the stock one by replacing it again, still no joy.
As I want this thread to become an easy to use hub for users with the same problem, I'll edit this post with the solution once there is one I know of.
Might be useful: The author of the fixed 64bit TrackIRUnity.dll, medsouz, also posted this: https://github.com/medsouz/Unity-TrackIR-Plugin-DLL
A decompiled version of his DLL might be a good starting point for the programmers and tech savvy people, maybe someone knows what's happening.
And please: If anyone manages to get TrackIR 5 running on 64bit KSP 1.3, post your solution here!
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Problem persists from 1.2 to 1.3 now
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