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PSA: Hyperedit is kinda stock now


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Just messing around with the alt-f12 cheats menu when i found this:


It's not intuitive at all. I don't know what most of those orbit parameters mean, and i think eccentricity is broken. However, it seems to have most of the features of Hyperedit. You can set your ship to orbit around another planet or rendezvous with other ships with it. I'm not sure if it can directly change your velocity or land your ship at certain coordinates or edit the orbits of planets themselves, but in its most barebones form, it looks a lot like hyperedit.

I guess a lot of you have found this already, but if not, just thought i'd leave it here.

P.S. You have to make sure you account for the planet's radius when you set height of your orbit, otherwise bad things happen.

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2 hours ago, quasarrgames said:

P.S. You have to make sure you account for the planet's radius when you set height of your orbit, otherwise bad things happen.

Nope. If you make the semi-major axis too low, it tells that it's not safe and enters lowest possible value.

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3 hours ago, NSEP said:

I still prefer Hyper Edit though. It has a landing option and a resource slider, and alot more gizmos than in the stock one

This. HE's ability to slide resources is way more helpful than the stock "it's all infinite" with only a distinction between electricity and everything else. One of the useful features of resources cheats is being able to empty resources to a certain amount when testing how a craft will perform on reentry or after a transfer burn.   And the landing feature is very useful for performing quick rover tests. 
The stock system is ok, for a first version of it, but I feel it's more useful for actual cheating than for use as a simulation/testing tool. So there's still life in HE yet!

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HEdit is still useful, if only for the resources and autoland feature.  Resource editing is crucial when dealing with anything that alters its CG (pretty much all my SSTLs).  Landing is not something i have too much use of (since you can emulate most other planets by disabling the drag fully and setting the gravity multiplier accordingly on kerbin), but it is nice when i want to "automate" mass vehicle deployment and cant find the time or effort to actually land 20 identical tanks using identical landers.  Land a couple and then HEdit the rest as it gets boring with too much repetition.

Anyways, it would be nice to add a very basic "land vessel" feature to the game.  At its most basic something that teleports you to a inputted altitude at a set of coordinated would be helpful.  Also would be good if it oriented you so the landing legs or wheels are facing downwards (you could probably use the average of the impactor vectors of the landing legs or wheels on the craft, given that most vessels have all the landing legs aimed in more or less the same direction and itd deposit the craft at least roughly at the right angle each time (at the bare minimum it shouldnt result in upsidedown vehicles).

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