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Cannot open developer console

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For the last 2 hours I've been trying to figure out how to open the developer console so I can debug a plugin I'm creating.
I'm not talking about the cheat menu, I mean the actual output window in which I could check what messages Debug.Log() and print() would show.
Googling this problem has only managed to show me results that have to do with the cheat menu, which is not what I'm looking for.

Hopefully someone can help.:confused:

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks @sal_vager! I wasn't aware of this change, probably should've read the update log.:P
I did have some trouble getting the Console to open, quite a few people claim ModifierKey + F12 works, but that didn't do the trick for me.
Alt + WindowsKey + F12 seems to work (for people that might have the same problem).

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