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[1.8+] Kerbal Health 1.6.8 (2024-01-22)


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Hey garwel, I really enjoy the mod and a long time lurker of the forum. I just wanted to give you a heads up, I noticed that the BDB patch for your mod seems a little out of date. It uses some older part names before the revamp that BDB had. It's a pretty easy fix, just have to change the part names in your patch. I just wanted to give you a heads up basically! Thanks again for your work on this mod, it's great.

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On 5/4/2023 at 4:35 AM, PyroZene said:

Hey garwel, I really enjoy the mod and a long time lurker of the forum. I just wanted to give you a heads up, I noticed that the BDB patch for your mod seems a little out of date. It uses some older part names before the revamp that BDB had. It's a pretty easy fix, just have to change the part names in your patch. I just wanted to give you a heads up basically! Thanks again for your work on this mod, it's great.

Thanks for letting me know, will take a look.

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On 1/20/2017 at 2:04 PM, garwel said:

This mod introduces astronauts' health management to KSP. You have to consider health implications when building vessels, planning and executing missions. It covers various factors affecting health including living space, microgravity, radiation, diseases, accidents and more. It is highly customizable and works well alongside most popular mods.

Download latest release




  • Kerbals have Health Points (HP) that gradually reduce during missions and restored at KSC.
  • Maximum HP is determined by kerbal's level (+10 HP per level).
  • HP change based on several factors such as available living space, presence of crewmates, gravity, and specific ship parts.
  • If a kerbal's health goes below 20%, he/she may become exhausted (technically, turn into a Tourist). They will eventually get back to work after health goes above 20% again.
  • If a kerbal's health falls to 0, they will die!
  • Train astronauts at KSC to prepare them for space travel and reduce their stress. They will also gradually learn to use their equipment during missions.
  • Kerbals are affected by radiation, which permanently reduces their maximum health. It can come from the Sun, including CMEs, radioactive parts, galactic cosmic rays etc. You can protect from radiation by using shielding and choosing safer mission profiles. Planets and moons can reduce radiation within their magnetic fields and atmospheres.
  • Kerbals may fall sick, have health accidents, panic attacks and other contingencies.
  • When kerbals level up, they can acquire quirks that affect their health reactions, to the better or to the worse.
  • All necessary data is shown in the Health Monitor (at KSC and in flight) and Health Report (in the editor).
  • Compatibility patches support a range of parts mods (see below).
  • All of these settings are easily changed or disabled in-game and/or with ModuleManager patches.

Health Factors

The following factors may affect kerbal's health:

  • Stress (kerbal is on a mission): -2 x (1 - Training Level) x Number of Colleagues HP/day (see details below)
  • Confinement: -2 x Crew / Living Space HP/day (Living Space is provided by most crewed parts depending on their size, capacity, function etc.)
  • Microgravity (orbital or suborbital flight or under 0.1 g, e.g. Minmus): -1 HP/day
  • Loneliness (only one kerbal in the vessel): -1 HP/day
  • Isolation (no working CommNet connection to home): -0.5 HP/day
  • EVA: -8 HP/day
  • Home (in Kerbin's low atmosphere): +2 HP/day
  • KSC (kerbal is recuperating at KSC, i.e. available): +3 HP/day

You can adjust all factors' effects in the Difficulty Settings. Quirks of a kerbal may also affect their health factors. You can check current values for a specific crew member in the Health Monitor.

Certain parts (such as Hitchhiker and crew cabins) can additionally reduce the effect of a health factor (Confinement in this case) allowing for much longer and healthier flights, at a cost of Electric Charge. Hab rings in some mods can help overcome Microgravity issues for long-term stations and interplanetary missions while cupolas alleviate Loneliness.

Stress and Training

One of the drains on kerbals' health is Stress. Stress may be reduced in two ways (combinable): training and having colleagues on board.

Training level for a part can range between 0% and 100%, and the vessel training level is its parts' weighted average with weights being their Complexity.

Kerbals can be trained to specific part types, e.g. Mk 1 Pod or the Science Lab. Only parts that are marked to have Complexity (which is measured in %) need to be trained for; these are mostly crewable parts. The more different part types are on the vessel, the longer training will take. Stupider kerbals will also train slower than smarter ones (depending on your difficulty settings).

Training can take two forms:

  • In-flight training takes place automatically whenever the kerbal is on a mission and not landed on the home planet (i.e. Kerbin). They will gradually get used to the parts on their vessel and therefore slowly reduce the Stress they take from spaceflight. More challenging situations provide significantly more training speed, based on their science multiplier. However, this process gives diminishing returns. For instance, an astronaut with 0% training may increase their training level by 1% per day, but when they reach 50% training, they will only get 0.5% per day, and so on. So you can never really reach 100% training, but the experience using a part a kerbal has, the less Stress they will take.
  • Training at KSC has the obvious benefit of preparing the kerbal for their mission without exposing them to its dangers. It is recommended that you train your kerbals at KSC before sending them to where no kerbal has gone before. The drawback is that KSC training has a cap, which depends on your Astronaut Complex level. You can't increase their training level beyond that without actually going to space. The kerbals also have to be healty (i.e. have no health conditions) to train, and they won't recover their health while they are training at the KSC.

KSC training level caps based on your Astronaut Complex facility level:

  • Level 1: 30% reduction (i.e. -1.4 HP/day)
  • Level 2: 50% reduction (i.e. -1 HP/day)
  • Level 3: 60% reduction (i.e. -0.8 HP/day)

To start KSC training, load the vessel in the Editor, open the Health Report and click "Training Info" button. From there, you can select which kerbals to train.

If you disable KSC training in the Settings, kerbals are always assumed to be fully KSC-trained for all parts. In-flight training still takes place as usual.

The other way to reduce Stress is to have more than one kerbal of a certain profession on a vessel. Then they are assumed to be working in shifts or helping each other, and their Stress level is reduced accordingly. For instance, a Pilot that loses 0.8 HP/day to Stress when alone will lose 0.4 HP/day if there is another Pilot on the ship.

Tourists don't benefit from having more "colleagues" on a vessel. Instead, they get peace of mind from knowing that there is professional crew to look after them. Their Stress is reduced by the number of non-Tourist crew members on the vessel plus 1. For example, a Tourist that normally loses 0.8 HP/day to Stress will lose 0.4 HP/day if there is one crew member, ~0.27 if there are two crew members etc.

Health Recuperation

Certain parts (such as the Cupola) provide Recuperation bonuses. If a kerbal receives, say, a 1% recuperation bonus, he/she will recover 1% of their lacking health (i.e. of the difference between their current HP and the maximum HP) every day. This change works in parallel with the normal health factors above.

Example: A 5-star kerbal (maximum HP = 150) currently has 55 Health Points and is in a vessel that gives him 2% recuperation. The vessel has 10 units of living space, he has connection and he has a crewmate. Therefore he recovers (150 - 55) x 2% = 1.9 HP per day and loses also (0.5 + 2 x 2 / 10 + 1) = 1.9 HP per day. It means that the marginal change balances out the "normal" change and his health will stay around 55 HP (37%) until the situation changes.

As you see, this mechanics may allow some kerbals to stay relatively healthy indefinitely. It may look cheaty, but the point is that: (1) there should be a way to design long-term missions without spamming crew space, (2) it requires a lot of heavy parts and therefore still difficult, (3) the balanced health level is usually far from 100% and may fall lower if circumstances change (e.g., new crew arrives and fills the station), (4) these bonuses require a lot of EC, (5) radiation still keeps mounting (see below).

Recuperation is not stacked and has crew cap. It means that one Cupola provides 2% Recup for 1 kerbal, 2 Cupolas give 2% for 2 kerbals (not 4%!), etc. If you have more kerbals than the crew cap, Recuperation will be split among them evenly (e.g. 2 kerbals with 1 Cupola will get 1% Recup).

Decay is the opposite to Recuperation: for every percentage point of Decay, your kerbal will lose 1% of their remaining health per day. Fortunately, it is very rare.


All kerbals on missions are affected by radiation, which slowly but permanently reduces their maximum HP. Radiation is measured in banana equivalent doses (when you eat a banana, you get approximately 1e-7 Sv of radiation). 1e7 (10M) bananas reduce max HP by 10%; 1e8 (100M) bananas kill a kerbal.

The amount of Radiation a kerbal receives depends on many factors. Most importantly, it is determined by their location. Many planets and some moons have magnetic fields that stop some radiation; atmospheres are also very effective in shielding it (see wiki for more). Being close to a celestial body helps screen some rays too. E.g., radiation level at Kerbin's sea level is 1,000 times lower than in interplanetary space just outside Kerbin's SOI. Cosmic radiation is also greater closer to the Sun. To check environment before sending astronauts, you can use magnetometers and Geiger counters provided by supported mods or embedded in advanced stock probe cores.

Being on EVA takes away all the protection your ship provides and dramatically increases radiation level. Artificial radiation is created by certain parts like atomic engines and nuclear reactors.

You can protect kerbals from radiation (both cosmic and artificial) by adding shielding to the vessel. It is provided by some parts, like structural panels, heat shields and mk3 cargo bays. These parts and most crew pods can be improved by adding Radiation Shielding to them in the Editor. You can never eliminate all radiation, but you can reduce it to non-dangerous levels.

Beware of solar radiation storms! They can blast your kerbals in a planet's SOI or in interplanetary space with amounts of radiation ranging from high to enormous. You will be warned, usually, a few hours in advance and the kerbals will automatically take cover in the shelter, if there is one. The shelter is determined as the most protected part (or set of parts) that can fit the entire crew. You will see shelter exposure in the Health Report and Health Monitor details. The frequence of solar storms depends on the phase of the solar cycle going (on average) from one storm every 6,667 days to one storm every 437 days.

If you have Kerbalism installed and enabled "Use Kerbalism Radiation" option in the settings, Kerbal Health's radiation calculations will be replaced with those of Kerbalism (but Kerbal Health shielding will still apply). Kerbalism has a more realistic and complex radiation model, but its balance is very different from Kerbal Health's.

It is possible to cure radiation by decontaminating a kerbal, but it is hard. To start decontamination, the kerbal has to be at KSC at full health and with no health conditions. You also need fully upgraded R&D Facility and Astronaut Complex. Every decontamination costs 100,000 funds (in Career mode) and 1,000 science points (in Career and Science mods). It cures 100,000 banana doses per Kerbin day and stops if you send the kerbal on a mission. The kerbal undergoing decontamination temporarily loses 70% of their health and will need to rest afterwards. As always, each value can be adjusted in-game. If your astronaut discovers an anomaly, they may also be miraculously decontaminated by unknown forces (but only one kerbal per anomaly).


Whenever a kerbal levels up, there is a 25% chance that he or she will acquire a health quirk (unless he/she already has two). Discovering an anomaly can also grant a free quirk. These can be positive or negative and usually affect kerbals' vulnerability to various health factors and dangers. Chances of getting some quirks depend on courage and stupidity of a particular kerbal. The full list can be found in the Kerbal Health Wiki.

Random Events

Kerbals' organisms, like ours own, are not always predictable. Sometimes, not very often, you may see unexpected events that can impact your whole mission. Kerbals acquire (or lose) certain conditions as a result of these events. Having parts with a Sick Bay (such as the stock Science Lab) helps alleviate the symptoms.

  • Sickness: A kerbal can become sick and start losing health quickly. His/her crewmates may catch the disease too, including during the incubation period. This condition usually heals itself after some time, but it can also lead to a pneumonia, a really dangerous condition. Having Scientists or Medics aboard helps.
  • Injuries: A kerbal can immediately lose some health in an accident. Stupid kerbals are naturally predisposed to this condition. It may cause sepsis, which is mortally dangerous. Bring your kerbal home immediately or pray Kraken it will heal on its own.
  • Food poisoning: Kerbals are known for their love of snacks and they don't always wash their hands. Food poisoning may not be as bad as some other conditions on its own, but if dehydration develops, they will become unable to do any work at all and effectively turn into space Tourists until it passes.
  • Panic attacks: Though not posing danger to health per se, panic prevents kerbals from doing any useful work. At least it doesn't last long and courageous kerbals are less prone to it.

Conditions can be disabled or their chances and effects changed in game settings. You can also easily add, modify or remove conditions (see wiki for details).


Supported Mods

Kerbal Health should work well alongside most other mods and will try to adapt to them with smart MM patches. Some have better, native support though:

Making History expansion is supported too but not required. If you would like to include special support for your (or your favorite) mod, let me know.

Conflicts & Incompatibilities

  • Any mod, which can temporarily make kerbals Tourists, can conflict with Kerbal Health if both mods change kerbals' status and then turn it back. In some situations it may mean that your kerbals will remain Tourists indefinitely or become active too soon. Kerbal Health tries to fix some of these situations, but cannot prevent all of them.
  • Custom solar systems with multiple stars can work in strange ways with radiation mechanics. Disable radiation in the settings if you have problems.
  • It is recommended to disable habitation mechanics of USI-LS (and other similar mods) as these largely have the same goal as Kerbal Health.
  • RemoteTech's connection state is not supported for the purpose of the Connected Factor status. This issue will be resolved once RemoteTech 2.0 is released. Meanwhile, you may disable both Connected and Assigned factors to keep balance.

Feedback & Bug Reports

I love feedback! Tell me what you think about the mod, what ideas, suggestions or complaints you have. If you have a bug report, please provide an output log while in Debug Mode (use in-game settings to enable) or at least give exact instructions how to reproduce it.

License: MIT


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  • Fixed: Training was sometimes taking place for wrong parts.
  • Fixed: Some parts info in existing saves wasn't correctly updated, which caused incorrect stress- and training-related behaviour.


  • Changed: Made the training system more consistent on vessels that utilize multiple parts of multiple types. It is now assumed that kerbals use parts (and therefore experience stress) in the proportion of the number of parts of a type on the vessel. So if you have 3 labs and 1 Hitchhiker, stress from labs will weigh 3x more than from the Hitchhiker.
  • Unfortunately, this change required some tweaks to the save files. So it is recommended that you visit every crewed vessel after loading the game to update the relevant values. Downgrading to Kerbal Health 1.6.3 and lower is also not guaranteed.


  • Changed: In-flight training now works differently: kerbals now always gradually increase their training level for the vessels they are in, without a hard cap but with diminishing returns, so that they never actually reach 100%. The speed of training depends on the kerbal's stupidity (the higher, the slower), current situation (more challenging locations yield more training, and being on the ground on Kerbin stops training) and the current training level. See more details in readme.
  • Changed: KSC training caps have been reduced. Based on the Astronaut Level facility, they've been reduced to 30%, 50% and 60% for levels 1 to 3 (from 40%, 60% and 75%, respectively).
  • Changed: EVA now also requires training, which currently can only be done in flight.
  • Changed: EVA health factor reduced from 10 to 8 HP/day to compensate for the above change.
  • Changed: Default Stupidity factor for training speed is now 50%
  • Improved: Training Info UI
  • Fixed: Events would almost never happen. Also event checks are conducted much more often now, which is especially important for probable events.


  • Various under-the-hood optimizations (caching of some frequently used values, switching from double to float fields, using more efficient loops etc.)
  • Added: Showing conditions the kerbal had before they died of poor health
  • Fixed: Incorrect calculation of training levels in Editor
  • Fixed: Missing localization of Training Complete message
  • Fixed: NRE when CLS is missing


  • Fixed: Error when loading pre-1.6 versions of Kerbal Health with kerbals on assignment, which caused their health, radiation and other stats to reset


  • Compiled for KSP 1.12.3. Should be compatible with KSP 1.8+
  • Streamlining of training mechanics. Instead of training for individual parts, kerbals now train for part types (such as Mk1 Command Pod). The new system is more straightforward, intuitive and compact. All training-related UI has received an uplift.
  • Training caps (based on the level of the Astrounaut Complex) have been nerfed. Training times have changed. Training at KSC and in flight now takes the same time.
  • There is a new way to reduce Stress: it is now divided by the number of crewmates of the same profession on the vessel. For example, if you have one Pilot on the vessel with Stress taking 0.8 HP/day, you can add another Pilot to reduce Stress to 0.4 HP/day. Of course, you'll have to provide that other crew member with living space etc. But, in theory at least, you can now reduce Stress to tiny amounts if you are ready to have a large crew. It also gives you a gameplay reason to have multiple crew members of a specific profession.
  • Tourists have a slightly different mechanic: their Stress is reduced by the number of professional crew members on the vessel. If the Tourist is alone, they experience 100% Stress; if there is 1 crew member, it falls to 50%, for 2 crew members, it falls to 33%, and so on.
  • Exhaustion is now semi-random instead of automatic. When the crew member's health falls below 20%, they now have a chance of turning into a Tourist. The mean time to happen (MTTH) starts at 6 hours and reduces as health gets lower. So you probably have a few additional hours to evacuate your kerbal(s) before they give up work. Recovering after exhaustion works similarly when health goes above 20%.
  • Connected factor (which gave you +0.5 HP/day for having a connection to home) has been replaced with Isolation factor (which takes away 0.5 HP/day for not having such a connection). All related bonuses were removed.
  • Confinement factor was reduced from a base of -3 HP/day to -2 HP/day to compensate for the previous point
  • Many parts' Living Space has been updated (usually with slight nerfs) and Recuperation increased. SSPXr and some other mods now have Recuperation parts
  • Mod's settings have been overhauled: instead of setting manually each factor's HP per day, you now change their relative effects between 0 and 200%
  • A setting to allow Decontamination when not at KSC has been added (off by default) as well as a setting for minimum required health
  • Many other small and not-so-small changes and bug fixes


  • Compiled for KSP 1.12.2
  • Changed: Updated SSPX config
  • Fixed: Factor multipliers (e.g. artificial gravity effects) weren't saved and therefore didn't apply if the vessel wasn't loaded
  • Fixed: Error in KSP 1.12.2 when another mod (such as Ship Manifest) uses CLSInterfaces.dll
  • Fixed: Some edge cases for loaded but packed vessels (hopefully)
  • A bit of optimization of the health update loop


  • Added: Nuclear engines now emit radiation in proportion to their thrust. It can get really high (e.g. more than 15M banana doses per day for the NERV engine) but it's fortunately short lived
  • Changed: All health modules now show "Health Module" in Editor's part info instead of their type to hopefully reduce confusion
  • Fixed: NRE for kerbals in loaded but inactive vessels when Connected Living Space integration is active
  • Fixed: Non-stock antennas didn't apply health effects and spammed log with Connected Living Space integration


  • Added: Integration with Connected Living Space. When enabled, your kerbals will only benefit from the parts they have access to (e.g. living space and bonuses). Shielding and part-emitted radiation are an exception (as well as some special parts like broadband antennas): they are affect the whole vessel. It may make your game a bit harder and will force you to think better how to connect your parts together. You can disable this feature in the settings.
  • Added: Kerbals now have a chance (100% by default) to have their lifetime radiation dose completely erased when they discover an anomaly. Note that it works only for one kerbal per anomaly
  • Changed: KerbalHealthModule configs now support affectsAllCLSSpaces value, which makes the part module ignore Connected Living Space's compartments (i.e. work as previously in the game). At the same time, partCrewOnly value has been deprecated as it was barely used. MKS medical bays now affect only one kerbal.
  • Changed: Shelter Exposure is no longer displayed in Health Report when Kerbalism radiation is enabled as it has no use there
  • Fixed: Mod settings should now correctly reset when switching between difficulty levels
  • Various optimization and bug fixes


  • Fixed: Kerbalism integration
  • Reduced amount of logging in Debug mode


  • Compiled for KSP 1.11.2. Should be compatible with KSP versions 1.8 up (not tested)
  • Changed: New rebalance pass for parts' living space, shielding and more (affects stock and most mods)
  • Added: Patches for Far Future Technologies, KRE, Near Future Launch Vehicles, Rational Resources, Rational Resources Parts
  • Changed: Kerbal Health's icon is now green out of respect for the work of the International Committee of the Red Cross
  • Changed: Replaced in-game settings for min levels of the Astronaut Complex and R&D building for decontamination with a single checkbox that lets you disable this check altogether. Actual needed levels can still be set via config files (can be used by mods that increase number of upgrades)
  • Changed: Small UI improvements and log spam reduction in Debug mode
  • Fixed: Decontamination was broken some releases ago
  • Fixed: Details for wrong kerbals were sometimes displayed on Health Monitor's pages beyond the first one


  • Fixed: Incorrect radiation exposure calculation for unloaded vessels and inconsistencies between flight and editor calculations (many thanks to @gulegule for finding and testing this)


  • Changed: Completely rebalanced all crewed parts. Command pods now provide slightly less living space; habs (e.g. Hitchhiker) have two configurations to choose from, Living Quarters (for LivingSpace) and Lounge (for Confinement bonus); Confinement bonus doesn't require ElectricCharge anymore; broadband antennas instead of labs now give bonus to Connected, and much more. Be careful when updating: ongoing missions may be affected (I haven't checked it)
  • Changed: Rewrote the health update system from scratch. It is now more stable and easier to maintain. Many bugs have been fixed, but new ones were probably introduced; hence the need to test this version out
  • Changed: Loneliness factor has been strengthened to -2 from -1 HP/day (badass kerbals are still immune)
  • Added: Extended integration with Kerbalism including the option to use Kerbalism's radiation values (taking into consideration radiation belts, solar storms etc.) and disabling of most duplicate Kerbalism's mechanics
  • Added: You can now see in Health Monitor all health factors affecting the kerbal even when he/she is not loaded
  • Changed: Default health update interval reduced from 30 to 10 seconds (only affects new games)
  • Changed: Various small UI improvements
  • Fixed: Recently added kerbals weren't displayed in Health Report
  • Fixed: Activating or deactivating the health module in the Editor didn't update the Health Report immediately
  • Fixed: Localization fixes


  • Fixed: Freezing the game when you had kerbals with quirks
  • Fixed: Stress factor calculations could corrupt health level
  • Fixed: Possible NRE for kerbals frozen with DeepFreeze


  • Compiled for KSP 1.10.1. Should be compatible with KSP 1.8+
  • Fixed: NRE on rollout of a new vessel
  • Fixed: When launching kerbal in an external seat, he/she didn't count as being on EVA
  • Fixed: NRE, game freezing and sometimes death of kerbals in some loading situations
  • Fixed: Localized some missing strings
  • Minor code improvement and optimization


  • Compiled for KSP 1.10 (should be compatible with KSP 1.8+)
  • Fixed: Kerbalism MM patch errors
  • Fixed: Kerbalism was using incorrect amount of EC in background
  • Fixed: Missing loading of MicrogravityFactor setting from a config file
  • Fixed: Potential issues with radstorms hitting vessels in Sun's orbit incorrectly
  • Code refactoring and minor optimization


  • Added: Option to reset settings to their default values
  • Added: Third party mods can now change default settings (see wiki)
  • Added: Setting for bonus provided to training speed by part familiarity (default is 50%)
  • Added: Initial compatibility with Kerbalism. See readme for details
  • Added: Notification when about to launch kerbals who are not trained for the current vessel
  • Changed: Rebalanced radiation emission by all parts (mostly increased)
  • Changed: SSPX 3.75 m lab now affects up to 6 kerbals
  • Fixed: Radiation Shielding is not drainable by KSP 1.9's drain valve
  • Fixed: Sick Bay module title is now displayed correctly
  • Fixed: Trained and Health Modules check boxes now retain their state when closing and opening Health Report
  • Code style and refactoring pass
  • Many localization fixes (English only)


  • Fixed: NRE/freeze when rescuing a kerbal


  • Added: Show health module title(s) for EC usage data to help distinguish between multiple health modules
  • Changed: No longer showing part's persistent id in PAW
  • Fixed: Reset and Train buttons' labels in Health Report were swapped
  • Fixed: Annual solar weather summary didn't display on high timewarp


  • Compiled for KSP 1.8.1. Not compatible with KSP1.7.3 and below!
  • Added: Stress management mechanics. Stress factor (previously known as Assigned) can be reduced by upgrading your Astronauts' Complex and/or training kerbals for specific vessels (the latter is disabled by default if you are updating from previous versions). Training time depends on the number and complexity of parts and kerbal's familiarity with them
  • Added: Solar radiation storms (radstorms). They are relatively rare (on average once per 820 days), but can be extremely powerful, especially for kerbals in the interplanetary space. However, if your vessel has a shelter (which is any set of parts with maximum shielding, where your entire crew can fit, the kerbals are considered to go there automatically. See readme for more details.
  • Added: Localization (big thanks to tinygrox). Only English and Chinese (an incomplete translation) are supported now, but feel free to submit localized files. Please note that I don't offer any support for localization.
  • Added: Compatibility patches for Near Future Exploration, Near Future Spacecraft, Probes Before Crew, ReStock+
  • Added: Kerbals' traits and experience levels are now indicated in the Health Monitor and Health Report
  • Changed: Tweaked living space amount (mostly reduced by a tiny bit) and some parts' features for nearly all mods
  • Changed: Nominal Solar Radiation was reduced from 5000 to 2500, Galactic Cosmic Radiation from 15000 to 12500 to compensate for radstorms
  • Changed: Default high-orbit magnetosphere coefficient increased from 30% to 40%
  • Changed: Radiation now (usually very slowly) reduces HP, not just max HP
  • Changed: Training and Decontamination duration now scale with day length
  • Changed: Health is now updated every 30 seconds by default, up from 10 (for new games only)
  • Changed: Most settings are now independent of difficulty level; the difference is that some more complex systems are disabled for easier levels
  • Changed: Blizzy's Toolbar Button setting is replaced with AppLauncher Button
  • Changed: UI tweaks in Health Monitor, Health Report and Training Info windows
  • Changed: Nerfed quirks that affect Stress
  • Changed: KerbalHealth.cfg structure. All configs are now kept within KERBALHEALTH_CONFIG node. It will affect any custom Kerbal Health configs! (attention modders!)
  • Changed: Reduced debug log spam
  • Fixed: Stock Mk2 Landing Cabin was missing a config
  • Fixed: Display of balance HP in Health Report and health restoration ETA in Health Monitor
  • Fixed: Corruption of Kerbal Health data in some cases
  • Fixed: Exposure didn't reset after recovering a kerbal (purely aesthetic thing) + a few other small bugs
  • Fixed: NRE when returning from EVA
  • Too many various small changes to remember


  • Compiled for KSP 1.8 "Moar Boosters". Not compatible with KSP 1.7.3 and below


  • Added: Support for Dynamic Battery Storage (will work when that mod is updated)
  • Fixed: Serious issue #89 with incorrect location of kerbals introduced in v1.3.6


  • Compiled for KSP 1.7.3
  • Added: Support for Crew R&R, Sin Phi Heavy Industries and new KSP-IE parts
  • Added: Messages look a bit nicer now
  • Changed: Microgravity factor increased from 0.5 to 1; KSC factor reduced from 5 to 4; these only affect new games on harder difficulty settings
  • Changed: Assigned factor is now active in Easy mode by default (only affects new games)
  • Fixed: Low health alarm now follows your settings for unwarping time
  • Fixed: No more misleading "version update" message on new game start


  • Compiled for KSP 1.7
  • Added: Decontamination (radiation cleaning) feature, see readme
  • Added: Patch for Tokamak Industries Refurbished Parts
  • Updated: Patch for KSP-IE
  • Fixed: Parts radiation wasn't applied to kerbals in unloaded vessels
  • Fixed: Microgravity factor didn't apply to vessels on escape trajectories
  • Fixed: Health Monitor didn't show ETA to exhaustion end for recuperating kerbals
  • Fixed: Incorrect in-game description of NOT OR logic
  • Small UI improvements and fixes


  • Compiled for KSP 1.6 "To Vee or Not To Vee" (may be compatible with KSP 1.5)
  • Updated KSP-IE patch for 1.20.15


  • Fixed Feline Utility Rovers, Karibou and Malemute patches lacking crew caps for health modules


  • Compiled for KSP 1.5.1
  • Added: You can now add health modules' actions in action groups (untested, thanks to @DefiantZombie)
  • Added: Patch for Feline Utility Rovers
  • Added: If RealisticAtmospheres & OPM mods are installed, Tylo will have 0.2-strong atmospheric radiation absorption
  • Changed: Redone from scratch patches for Malemute, Karibou and FTT, with more parts supported
  • Fixed: New mk1 pod (since KSP 1.5) now has correct Kerbal Health settings
  • Removed: TundraBFR patch, which was incomplete and unbalanced anyway


  • Recompiled for KSP 1.5
  • Added: Celestial bodies can now be radioactive; so far only one body from Outer Planet Mod uses this (good luck finding it without looking at the source code), but it can easily be added with MM patches; see wiki for details
  • Added: Radiation and Dose are now displayed with prefixes such as K, M or G if they are big enough
  • Fixed: Duplicate health modules in some SSPX and other parts


  • Overhauled: Merged conditions and events systems. Health conditions can now appear, disappear or change based on chance and various factors
  • Added: Conditions for injuries, food poisoning, panic attacks and more
  • Added: Health environment sensors allow you to see amount of magnetosphere shielding and/or cosmic radiation level before sending kerbals. The sensors are built into corresponding parts in certain mods (currently DMOS and KSP-IE) or, if you don't have those, advanced probe cores
  • Added: Location column in Health Monitor; kerbals can now be sorted either alphabetically or by their location (default)
  • Added: Supplies and Mulch parts in USI-LS provide a small amount of radiation Shielding
  • Added: Better support for Tantares, Extraplanetary Launchpads, Near Future Technologies, RLA Reborn
  • Changed: Radiation settings rebalanced to more realistic values. Nominal levels of radiation significantly increased (especially in low orbit), but their health effect lowered 2.5 times. All artificial radiation provided by parts was updated too
  • Changed: Crowded health factor renamed to Confinement; Sickness factor renamed to Conditions
  • Changed: Conditions settings merged with Quirks settings
  • Changed: SSPXR support patch is now included in Kerbal Health instead of being bundled with SSPXR
  • Fixed: 'title' key for health modules didn't work for custom parts
  • Performance improvements and fixes for potential issues


  • Compiled for KSP 1.4.5 (should be compatible with 1.4.x)
  • Added: Planets and moons now have individual configuration (defined in KerbalHealth.cfg and modified manually or with MM patches) for their magnetospheres' and atmospheres' effects on radiation. Configs for stock and OPM bodies included. See specifics in the wiki.
  • Added: Support for nested moons (i.e. moons orbiting other moons), moons in very low orbit and other complex body configuration
  • Added: Kerbals who discover an anomaly can now gain a free quirk (chance is defined in the settings)
  • Changed: In Health Monitory, kerbals that have <1 day until they become tourists or die are shown in red; those that have more time left are in orange
  • Changed: KSP-IE reactors' radioactivity has been rebalanced; included configs for recently added reactors
  • Changed: Part radioactivity has been changed slightly (rounded to the nearest 5)
  • Changed: Operator/Logic entries in quirk configs is now case-insensitive ("or" and "Or" are both ok)
  • Fixed: Game Addict quirk not working properly
  • Fixed: Parts' radiation had different effect if your day length was not 6 hours


  • Added: Health quirks—individual features of kerbals so that they react to health factors differently. The Quirks are 100% editable; you can add, remove or change them by editing KerbalHealth.cfg or with MM patches. Kerbals have a 25% chance of getting a semi-random Quirk (depending on their Stupidity and Courage) when they level up. Everything is adjustable (or can be disabled) in the Settings, as usual.
  • Added: Support patches for SSTU, Malemute, Tundra, RLA Reborn
  • Added: UI is now colorful (I welcome suggestions about the color scheme)
  • Added: Health decay is now displayed in Details view
  • Changed: Radiation now increases gradually as you get farther from a celestial body (due to occlusion); body radiation shielding setting has been deprecated
  • Fixed: 1.875 m heat shield from Making History now provides radiation shielding
  • Fixed: Blurry toolbar icon
  • Fixed: Date/time displayed incorrectly for periods over 1 year
  • Fixed: Panic Attack time was displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed: Exposure was not calculated correctly on game load
  • Fixed: NRE when renaming kerbals
  • Fixed: Potential NRE when kerbal currently viewed in Health Monitor is killed/removed
  • Fixed: NRE related to Sickness in some crew configurations


  • Recompiled for KSP 1.4.1
  • Added: Config for Command Pod Mk.1-3 from KSP 1.4
  • Added: Configs for parts introduced by Making History Expansion
  • Added: Radiation shielding to Structural Fuselage
  • Fixed: Radiation shielding added to Deadly Reentry 0.625m Heat Shield, for real this time


  • Fixed: NRE when calculating Connected factor in some cases
  • Fixed: NRE when renaming unregistered kerbals (should fix incompatibility with GPP)
  • Fixed: Issues with kerbals marked as Missing (e.g. in rescue contracts)
  • Fixed: Deadly Reentry's 0.625 m heat shield didn't have radiation shielding (thanks eightiesboi)
  • Fixed: Bug in Health Report, which sometimes caused incorrect figures to be displayed


  • Added: (Almost) every crewable part now provides Living Space, which is used, instead of seats number, to calculate Crowded factor. Generally, heavier and more expensive parts tend to provide more space, but factor multipliers and Recuperation are also taken into account.
  • Added: Recuperation now has crew cap and can't go higher than the highest Recuperation value among your parts. E.g. a Cupola provides 1% Recuperation for 2 crew => 4 Cupolas give 1% Recup for 8 crew (not 4%!).
  • Added: Support patches for Atomic Age, FTmN, FTmn-New, RSCapsuledyne from Spacetux Recycled Parts (thanks @linuxgurugamer for these), BDB, and DSEV mods
  • Added: Recuperation is now shown in Health Report
  • Added: Some parts (stock as well as from mods) now provide bonuses to Loneliness and Connected factors
  • Changed: Base Crowded factor value is -3 instead of -5. It is applied automatically when the mod is updated, but you should load every crewed vessel to update cache.
  • Changed: EVA radiation exposure was lowered to 500% from 1000% (to 200% from 300% on moderate difficulty)
  • Changed: Health modules can only be enabled or disabled if they consume resources (EC). Therefore alwaysActive keyword has been deprecated.
  • Changed: All parts' values have been rebalanced
  • Fixed: Cupola and some cockpits had RadShield when they shouldn't have (thanks @Fraz86 for pointing out)
  • Significantly improved performance for vessels with a lot of crew


  • Added: Health modules now reactivate automatically when enough EC is available
  • Changed: DeepFreeze CRY-0300R freezer can't hold any RadShield resource
  • Fixed: Radiation readings in Health Monitor weren't updated for non-available kerbals
  • Fixed: Sick Tourists would never cure at KSC if no Scientist was present
  • Fixed: Exception when kerbal died or went missing
  • Possibly fixed: Issues with calculating part effects after undocking (needs testing)


  • Added: Health modules in parts now have names depending on their functions
  • Added: Health module action names (on right click) are now "Enable..." or "Disable..." instead of just "Toggle..."
  • Added: Accident events' chance now depend on stupidity: more stupid kerbals have more bad stuff happening to them
  • Fixed: NRE on some tourist and rescue contracts
  • Fixed: Panic attacks were ridiculously long
  • Fixed: DFWrapper log spam
  • Fixed: Radiation level of frozen (with DeepFreeze) kerbals didn't change
  • Fixed: Command seats had RadShield capacity when TakeCommand was installed
  • Improved performance with some caching, code cleanup and optimized compilation


  • Added: Radiation effects that permanently reduce kerbals' maximum HP (see readme or wiki for more details)
  • Added: RadiationShielding resource that can be added to most crew pods and some other parts for additional protection
  • Added: Detailed view in Health Monitor displays more stats including individual factors for loaded kerbals
  • Added: Support for kerbals freezing with DeepFreeze
  • Added: Support for radioactive and shielding parts in stock, MKS, Deadly Reentry, Kerbal Atomics, KSP-IE, SpaceY, etc.
  • Added: Difficulty presets (Hard difficulty recommended)
  • Added: Health Monitor splits into pages when you have many kerbals
  • Changed: EC consumption of all health modules reduced by 50%
  • Changed: EVA factor now reduces health by 10 HP/day (down from 30)
  • Changed: Sicknesses are now more rare, but they last longer and have longer incubation
  • Changed: Marginal health change renamed to Recuperation (for positive) and Decay (for negative)
  • Changed: Notifications are no longer shown for events with kerbals not on missions (prevents message spam)
  • Fixed: Kerbals on EVA no longer feel crowdedness
  • Fixed: Health Monitor didn't update correctly when kerbals were added or removed
  • Fixed: Incorrect calculation of science lab and some other parts' effects in Health Report
  • Fixed: Renaming kerbals shouldn't reset their stats now (hopefully)
  • Some small UI improvements, code cleanup, and performance tweaks
  • Compiled for KSP 1.3.1


  • Added: A setting to disable sickness mechanics altogether (note that it doesn't magically cure your kebals, but instead prevents any sickness-related events from triggering and eliminates sickness' effects)
  • Fixed: Marginal health change didn't calculate for unloaded vessels
  • Fixed: NRE when kerbal went on EVA
  • Fixed: Setting Contagion Period to 0 didn't prevent contagion
  • Small UI fixes and improvements


  • Added: Low health alert will warn you when kerbal's HP falls below a certain level (defined in the settings, 0 to disable)
  • Added: Support for FASA (thanks to AlekM)
  • Added: Support for B9 Aerospace (thanks to fabioita)


  • Added: You can now select, which factors to include in the Health Report calculations
  • Added: Kerbal Planetary Base Systems (KPBS) compatibility
  • Changed: Cupola EC consumption changed to 2 per kerbal (for marginal health bonus only)
  • Fixed: If exhaustion start level is set to 0 in the Settings, exhaustion should not occur
  • Fixed: Potential error with calculating min/max limits for factor multipliers in complex vessels


  • Added: Day length and home world should now be compatible with universe-changing mods
  • Added: Time unwarp when things happen (such as exhaustion) to kerbals on a mission
  • Changed: Increased EC consumption for most stock parts
  • Changed: Science Lab now only affects its own crew
  • Changed: A medic can heal 2 sick kerbals without penalties (2x better than a Scientist)
  • Changed: Death HP level is now fixed at 0, but you can now disable death in Settings
  • Fixed: Bug with curing sickness at KSC


  • Added: Kerbals on missions can catch infection from their crewmates
  • Added: Incubation period when the kerbal is contagious but shows no signs of the sickness
  • Added: Scientists and Medics help cure sickness much sooner (when enough are present)
  • Added: Kerbals have temporary immunity from sickness after recovering from it
  • Added: Mobile Processing Lab halves effects of sickness
  • Changed: Events settings are now defined through average periods/duration instead of daily chance (should be more convenient)
  • Changed: Part module info is again displayed even if KH is disabled
  • Fixed: Freeze on loading screen


  • KSP 1.3.0 release (not compatible with 1.2.*)
  • Added: Sickness mechanics. Kerbals can now become sick (randomly, mean time to happen = 100 days) and start losing health (5 HP/day). This condition goes on its own (MTTH = 10 days).
  • Added: Update interval now varies depending on time warp, to provide best accuracy and performance
  • Added: You can now specify a custom resource to be used by ModuleKerbalHealth (needs testing, see wiki for details)
  • Changed: Crowded factor now drains -5 HP/day for a cramped vessel (was -6)
  • Changed: Home factor adds +2 HP/day (instead of +5) and only works at an altitude under 18 km; Home factor now affects kerbals on EVA
  • Changed: Feel Bad event renamed to Accident
  • Changed: Stock Cupola now affects 2 kerbals instead of one
  • Changed: Min/max values for some factors in Difficulty Settings
  • Fixed: Bugs with unloaded/unpacked kerbals and kerbals on EVA (hopefully, need test!)
  • Fixed: Part module info is not displayed any more when Kerbal Health is disabled


  • Fixed: Error due to (unfinished) DeepFreeze integration
  • Fixed: Health modules don't consume EC any more when the mod is disabled
  • Tiny UI change (Health Monitor header)


  • Added: Health Monitor now shows estimated daily HP change
  • Changed: Default events' chances increased up to 10x (but still quite rare)
  • Fixed: Issue #29 when Kerbal Health installed mid-game
  • Fixed: Issue #30 when health modules didn't consume EC under time warp
  • Fixed: Issue when kerbals recovered from KSC didn't have their health updated correctly
  • Small performance and code style improvements


  • Added: events system, which activates rare, but potentially dangerous health events with your kerbals. It can be disabled or fine-tuned in the settings. See readme or wiki for more.
  • Added: support for Blizzy's Toolbar mod (not included).
  • Added: option to disable the mod
  • Added: option to show game messages (clickable buttons) instead of on-screen messages (default on)
  • Changed: EVA factor down from -50 to -30, Home factor up from +1 to +5
  • Fixed: issue of KSP 1.2.2 with floating-point and percentage parameters
  • Fixed: NRE on game exit
  • Fixed: some minor and potential issues


  • Fixed: issues with kerbals in unfocused vessels


  • Added: Kerbal Health button in Tracking Station
  • Changed: Overpopulation factor renamed to Crowded
  • Fixed: actual and potential issues related to EVA
  • Other fixes and redundant code removal


  • Added: Health Monitor and Health Report windows' positions are saved when you close them
  • Added: CKAN support (hopefully)
  • Changed: AppLauncher icon is a bit neater
  • Fixed: tourists not tracked
  • Fixed: external seat issue (incompatibility with TakeCommand)
  • Fixed: one potential incompatibility with USI-LS


  • Added: Connected (+0.5 HP/day when having connection to home), EVA (-50 HP/day when on EVA) and Home (+1 HP/day when under 25 km on Kerbin) factors
  • Added: USI-LS support patch (only affects Observation Cupola)
  • Changed: Assigned factor is now -0.5 HP/day by default
  • Changed: Improved performance and garbage creation


  • Added: Microgravity factor (-0.5 HP/day) for orbital and suborbital flights and under 0.1 g environments (including Minmus)
  • Added: MKS support patch. Disabling USI-LS' habitation is recommended. I'll appreciate feedback on balancing
  • Changed: Overpopulation factor slightly reduced (from -7 to -6 HP/day) to compensate for Microgravity
  • Changed: EC consumption for health modules in stock parts doubled; cupola now gives 0.5x Overpopulation effect for 1 kerbal
  • Performance optimizations and small GUI enhancements


  • Added: Factor multipliers for parts. Parts can now change (reduce or increase) the effect of specific health factors, for all crew or for a limited number of kerbals. See more in wiki
  • Added: Badass kerbals never suffer from Loneliness. Jeb can do it all single-handedly!
  • Added: Support for multiple part modules per part. Modders, rejoice!
  • Added: KSP AVC support
  • Changed: Not Alone factor is now called Loneliness and has opposite effect (naturally); LivingSpace factor is promptly renamed Overpopulation
  • Changed: Hitchhiker and crew cabins (mk1, mk2, mk3) now only give 0.5 multiplier to Overpopulation; Cupola also gives +1% marginal health bonus (and therefore is essential for making closed-loop stations)
  • Changed: Reduced amount of logging when debug mode is off (now default)


  • Added: Parts now provide marginal health change (see readme on Github for more info)
  • Added: Part modules consume EC (at flat rate or per kerbal affected)
  • Added: Part modules can be switched on and off in flight
  • Added: Part module details now displayed in Editor
  • Added: Crew cabins (mk1, mk2, mk3) now provide bonuses to health
  • Changed: Health Monitor and Health Report windows updated for marginal health change support
  • Changed: All health factors rebalanced, all parts' effects and EC consumption changed

0.4.0 Beta

  • ModuleManager now required!
  • Added: Part module ModuleKerbalHealth
  • Added: Cupola & Hitchhiker provide health bonus (+1 HP/day for whole vessel crew and +3 for part crew only, respectively)
  • Added: In-game settings
  • Fixed: Support for kerbals on EVA
  • Fixed: Game load issue


  • Added: Health Report in editor. Shows daily HP change and estimated time till next condition (usually Exhaustion). Note that it uses current kerbals' HP.
  • Added: Not Alone factor. Kerbals lose 2 HP less per day when travelling with crewmates.
  • Changed: KSC health recovery speed lowered 10 times to 10 HP/day. So a kerbal will need to rest for approximately the same amount of time he/she had been on a mission to fully recover their health.
  • Fixed: Occasional NRE when exiting with Alt+F4 (hopefully).


  • Added: Health Monitor window in KSC and in flight. It displays kerbals' health (% and raw points), condition and time left until next condition (exhaustion, death or recovery)
  • Changed: living space effect halved, so a kerbal can survive 10-15 days (depending on the level) in a crammed vessel.
  • Fixed: #10 health persistence across reverts issue (thanks schrema)


  • Every kerbal, including Tourists, has Health Points (HP)
  • HP increase with kerbals' level. A 5-level kerbal is 50% "healthier" than a newbie
  • Kerbals' HP are updated (currently once a second, including in background and in timewarp)
  • Health decreases when on a mission in proportion to crew/capacity ratio. A kerbal in a full vessel loses all his/her health in 5-7.5 days (depending on the level)
  • If a kerbal's health is under 20%, he/she becomes a tourist
  • If a kerbal's health falls to 0, he/she dies!
  • In KSC, kerbals gradually recover their health
  • Press red cross button to see kerbals' health status (name, % of max health, HP, time to next phase)



How would you heal kerbals away from the KSC if you are doing something like a long interstellar mission

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17 hours ago, kerbalcrasher13 said:

How would you heal kerbals away from the KSC if you are doing something like a long interstellar mission

Recuperation (cupolas & any other parts that provide R&R). You will never get back to 100% health as in KSC, but you can get to a stable point where health does not decrease unless sickness/injury.

Edited by OldMold
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  • 2 weeks later...
3 minutes ago, garwel said:

long fragments of text

These shouldn't be posted at all. I read elsewhere on this forum that such posts can crash the database software behind the forum. It's best to report these posts or have the poster delete it.

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22 minutes ago, Starwaster said:

@garwel How would a 3rd party mod tie into this? For instance, a life support mod, or Deadly Reentry? (DR actually has a mechanic for damaging Kerbals that overheat outside of a craft)

Depends on what you want to do. Some things, like default settings, conditions, quirks etc. can be changed with simple MM patches. They are provided in the cfg file. But if you mean actually directly altering the mechanics or adding new health factors, it can only be done using reflection and/or Harmony patches. I never quite got around to making a handy API, but at least tried to expose most things as public and extendable classes.

Edited by garwel
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Apologies if this is a difficult question to answer, but I was wondering what the "strange ways" radiation around multiple stars means, as stated in the OP. I am very interested in using this mod alongside the Kcalbeloh System pack, and would even be willing to write configs for it for anyone else to use, but since that pack includes multiple stars I would like to know if problems would make that unviable.

Thank you for your time, and this very cool mod!

Edited by xXIndestructibleEVAXx
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The Connected Living Space Integration seems to have some serious problems. I get null reference exception spam in the logs, and the overview in the Editor is completely broken and provides no info.

Example of log spam:


[EXC 00:39:25.720] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    LifeSupport.LifeSupportMonitor_SpaceCenter.GuiOn () (at <9f29354fbabd432d9f019c3b35e012ec>:0)
    LifeSupport.LifeSupportMonitor_SpaceCenter.GenerateWindow () (at <9f29354fbabd432d9f019c3b35e012ec>:0)
    LifeSupport.LifeSupportMonitor_SpaceCenter.OnWindow (System.Int32 windowId) (at <9f29354fbabd432d9f019c3b35e012ec>:0)
    UnityEngine.GUILayout+LayoutedWindow.DoWindow (System.Int32 windowID) (at <58f888e0d56a4620958c8e58a768c70d>:0)
    UnityEngine.GUI.CallWindowDelegate (UnityEngine.GUI+WindowFunction func, System.Int32 id, System.Int32 instanceID, UnityEngine.GUISkin _skin, System.Int32 forceRect, System.Single width, System.Single height, UnityEngine.GUIStyle style) (at <58f888e0d56a4620958c8e58a768c70d>:0)
    UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object)
    ModuleManager.UnityLogHandle.InterceptLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object)
    UnityEngine.Debug:CallOverridenDebugHandler(Exception, Object)

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On 11/2/2023 at 7:16 AM, xXIndestructibleEVAXx said:

The Connected Living Space Integration seems to have some serious problems. I get null reference exception spam in the logs, and the overview in the Editor is completely broken and provides no info.

Example of log spam:

It doesn't look like Kerbal Health's errors. Judging by the namespace (LifeSupport), a life support mod that you are using causes the errors.

As to the multiple stars radiation, I haven't played with those mods and I don't know how they are configured exactly. The thing is, KH's native radiation calculations depend on the distance from the main star. I think in multi-star mods, it's either the invisible barycenter (in this case, you may see that radiation grows as you get closer to it and not to actual stars) or one of the stars (then the others won't produce any radiation unless they have special configuration). I guess, if you also use Kerbalism and revert to its calculations, it may work better. But you are welcome to test and see what works and what doesn't. In worst-case scenario you can just disable radiation in Kerbal Health.

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  • 1 month later...

@garwel Thanks so much for your work on this mod, it's always been on my recommendation list!

I found a small bug with KerbalHealth_1.6.5.zip downloaded from https://github.com/GarwelGarwel/KerbalHealth/releases/tag/v1.6.5

Line 224 in KHMKS.cfg has an extra '{' in the section for the Salamander Pod, causing KSP to stop applying patches beyond this line.  This results in the parts listed below the salamander, including all the Tundra series parts, not getting their recouperation bonuses.

I found this when trying to figure out why my orbital station using Tundra parts had correct living space assignments but recouperation bonus was always 0%, despite having a Tundra 250 habitat and a Tundra 250 Medbay.  Because the living space gets applied to any crewed parts via a calculation, it was still working correctly, thus making it look like KerbalHealth was loading properly, but it wasn't.

Hope this helps anyone having trouble with long range ships and stations!

from KHMKS.cfg:
        name = ModuleKerbalHealth
        space = 1.5
        complexity = 1
    {           <------------stops further patches, remove to get working
        name = RadiationShielding
        amount = 0
        maxAmount = 2


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I am not very experienced in modding. I have just enough experience to completely wreck excrements beyond my ability to repair.

How to i acquire the specific log that is helpful to the developers of mods? In this case Kerbal Health is crashing my GUI with a soft lock. (No Game related GUI interaction).

Depending on what mods I have installed (Parsing Sections at a time) this may result in a complete lock of all buttons even Toolbar / Alt+f12

(I can always press Alt-F12 once but cannot open a second time if I close ) 

The part of the scrolling i can see resembles this a great deal

I don't even know what this is... · Issue #169 · GarwelGarwel/KerbalHealth (github.com)

I found the log folders but none of the ones inside appear to have  the strings associated with the crash.

i do not have the logs and since resolved the issue by removing Health mod, but am amped to try it. I will gladly reload the mod to acquire logs & try to get a resolution to my issue. I know it is a conflict between mods bc

IF the dev still feel up to maintaining this mod in the face of KSP2

AND some kind people can tell me how to produce those log files


Edited by Fizzlebop Smith
did not proof read
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On 12/27/2023 at 3:56 AM, Steamcurl said:

@garwel Thanks so much for your work on this mod, it's always been on my recommendation list!

I found a small bug with KerbalHealth_1.6.5.zip downloaded from https://github.com/GarwelGarwel/KerbalHealth/releases/tag/v1.6.5

Thanks for catching this bug. I'll fix it in the next release, which I hope to post soon.

On 1/1/2024 at 5:05 PM, Fizzlebop Smith said:

I am not very experienced in modding. I have just enough experience to completely wreck excrements beyond my ability to repair.

How to i acquire the specific log that is helpful to the developers of mods? In this case Kerbal Health is crashing my GUI with a soft lock. (No Game related GUI interaction).

Depending on what mods I have installed (Parsing Sections at a time) this may result in a complete lock of all buttons even Toolbar / Alt+f12

(I can always press Alt-F12 once but cannot open a second time if I close ) 

The part of the scrolling i can see resembles this a great deal

I don't even know what this is... · Issue #169 · GarwelGarwel/KerbalHealth (github.com)

I found the log folders but none of the ones inside appear to have  the strings associated with the crash.

i do not have the logs and since resolved the issue by removing Health mod, but am amped to try it. I will gladly reload the mod to acquire logs & try to get a resolution to my issue. I know it is a conflict between mods bc

The location of your logs depends on your OS and probably whether it's a Steam install. In the case of Windows + Steam, you can find it in the main game folder (something like C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program) as KSP.log.

I think that the problem in issue #169 should be fixed in the next release, although I haven't been able to reproduce it.

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I could not locate it in the Log folder directly and think that is why i missed it. Thank you for that.. i was able to search the root directory for filename and found it tucked away in a subfolder. I ran KSP over and over removing mods a little at a time. I hope that is the right one. Pretty sure the issue is a conflict between mods that i have installed just not sure where the conflict is. Any insight you can provide is appreciated.

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On 1/7/2024 at 10:55 PM, Fizzlebop Smith said:


I could not locate it in the Log folder directly and think that is why i missed it. Thank you for that.. i was able to search the root directory for filename and found it tucked away in a subfolder. I ran KSP over and over removing mods a little at a time. I hope that is the right one. Pretty sure the issue is a conflict between mods that i have installed just not sure where the conflict is. Any insight you can provide is appreciated.

Can you make that doc publicly accessible?

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Kerbal Health 1.6.6

  • Added: Detailed quirk information (click ? next to the list of kerbal's quirks in Health Monitor)
  • Added: Agoraphobic and Carefree quirks
  • Changed: Kerbals now have a chance to acquire quirks when they first appear in game (i.e. at level 0). When you load your save for the first time after updating, the existing kerbals may acquire quirks (including bad ones), so be careful.
  • Changed: Max number of quirks is now 5 by default instead of 2. Only affects new games.
  • Changed: EVA factor now drains 18 HP/day instead of 8
  • Updated: BDB patch
  • Improved: Some optimization and refactoring
  • Fixed: Some factors weren't correctly affected by quirks, conditions etc.
  • Fixed: Unstable quirk didn't affect panic attack chance
  • Fixed: Syntax error in the MKS patch
  • Fixed: CLS-related NRE
  • Fixed: Minor memory leaks due to not releasing some event handlers

Download here

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18 minutes ago, garwel said:

Today marks 7 years since Kerbal Health's original release, so I decided, why not make a small, long overdue update?

Kerbal Health 1.6.7

  • Added: Support for RemoteTech's connected state, at last (as requested by @Syczek)

Download here

Thank you!! And i am glad that you succeed :)

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