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Is it still possible to Enable Staging on docking ports?

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I'm trying to build a drone missile launcher for kerbal warfare, but without the possibilty to decouple docking ports with stages it's really hard/inconvenient to launch unguided missiles. Has the feature been removed? Did I do something wrong? And mainly, how can I get it to return?

BTW, I'm running stock 1.2.2, fresh install

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11 hours ago, ForScience6686 said:

You could also add it to an action group.  I find that to be better to avoid accidental releases.

With me it's the other way around: the numbers are easier to hit accidentally/ hit the wrong one then to accidentally hit Alt+L followed by Space. Also I stack them so a single order is needed anyway, and I may eventually make a macro missile massacre with to many missiles for this.

13 hours ago, fourfa said:

Make sure you check "enable advanced tweakables" in the settings for that savegame

I didn't, problem found, thanks!

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