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Prop engines

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Yes you read that right, no i don't want to install firespitter.

it would be nice to go a bit before the era of jets in ksp, i mean they had rockets in ww2 so it's not something completely stupid i'm saying. I just would like to see vanilla prop engines so we could recreate even more ww2 craft or make a douglas passenger plane.

squad senpai please notice this :wink:

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An electric prop would definitely be nice.

And I know it's annoyong and I've said it a hundred times but KSP2/Kerbal Aircraft Program would be more than a perfect opportunity to have all these things you and me want, which is from pre World War One to near future aircraft stuff (except kerbalized) + multiplayer.

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6 minutes ago, NSEP said:

Propellor engines could be nice, and i would love the devs to add some in if they could. But its still Kerbal Space Program.

Instead of sending jets to laythe we could send electric props! It would also open up possibilities on planets without oxygen atmospheres

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