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[WIP][1.2.2] RealisticComponents Suite (02-19-17)

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RealisticComponents Suite is a collection of small mods for KSP 1.2.2; the aim is to provide parts that look like the real ones. I make them in my spare time and, since I am usually quite busy, it takes a VERY LONG time to see them growing... I'm very sorry! Be patient, please :wink:

Tested parts are highlighted in green. Parts with issues are highlighted in yellow. Parts to do are highlighted in red. All textures are currently in .png format, and very simple handmade ones. I am planning to convert them into the .dds format in future versions.


Top: 4 m HGA. Bottom, from left to right: conical LGA, horn LGA, GPHS, MMRTG, ASRG




Up to now, the largest mod is RTGs, a collection of replicas of radioisotope thermoelectric generators, mainly from the US space programs; these RTGs have been already implemented:

  • MMRTG (Multi-Mission Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator);
  • GPHS (General Purpose Heat Source);
  • ASRG (Advanced Stirling Radioisotope Generator);
  • MHW (MultiHundred Watt);
  • SNAP-3B (Systems for Nuclear Auxiliary Power - 3B);
  • SNAP-9A (Systems for Nuclear Auxiliary Power - 9A);
  • SNAP-19 (Systems for Nuclear Auxiliary Power - 19);
  • SNAP-27 (Systems for Nuclear Auxiliary Power - 27).

Now complete with RO configs! :)

These space nuclear reactors are still to implement:

  • SNAP-10A;
  • BES-5.

You can download RTGs on GitHub.




Another mod - still to heavily improve and fix - is ChemEngines, a collection of chemical engines (solid, liquid, and hybrid) that are based on RealFuels by NathanKell. I am currently working on these engines:

  • Aerojet Rocketdyne HiPAT thruster (MMH/NTO);
  • Aerojet Rocketdyne R-4D thruster (MMH/NTO);
  • AAO hybrid rocket (a LOX/HTPB design I have been working on in my university class).

More engines will follow.

You can download ChemEngines on Github.




The last mod is Antennas, dedicated to various kinds of space antennas - high gain, medium gain, and low gain. There are currently these working antennas:

  • 4m High Gain Antenna;
  • Conical Low Gain Antenna;
  • Horn Low Gain Antenna.

Again, their performances are currently equal to those of the stock antennas. Improvements will come in the future.

You can download Antennas on Github.


Again, be patient and... stay tuned!


This work is released under a MIT license.

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Current state of RealisticComponents Suite (02-14-2017):

  • RTGs (v. 0.7.0) now includes all of the intended radioisotope thermoelectric generators - in a strict sense. There are still two space nuclear reactors to implement (SNAP-10A and BES-5), plus config files for Realism Overhaul and improved .dds textures for all of the RTGs to do;
  • ChemEngines (v. 0.1.0) is still in its early phases. This mod will take more time than the others;
  • Antennas (v. 1.0.0) now includes three antennas: one high gain antenna and two low gain antennas. Possible improvements include config files for Realism Overhaul and improved .dds textures.

I will create the release thread once ChemEngines is a bit more mature. In the meantime, you are free to download RTGs and/or Antennas! If you have suggestions or requests, I will do my best in order to satisfy those wishes.

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