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Interstellar Manufacturing Korporation - TD4727 'Phase Raptor' Dropship - Titanfall 2-inspired ship

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After recently completing the campaign to Respawn Entertainment's wonderful FPS, Titanfall 2, on Master-level difficulty, I took a dive into finding the game's concept art- there's a lot of great inspiration there.

As a direct result of this, meet the IMK TD-4727 'Phase Raptor' Dropship, a top-of-the-line tactical VTOL craft optimized for military use:


Designed around a distributed thrust system, the Phase Raptor has twin cockpits (which on a forthcoming BDA version, will allow for a gunner), and a rear passenger hold with room for up to 6 elite Kerbal pilots.
Twin forward-thrust jets in the rear provide long-distance flight capability.


Additionally, the TD-4727 has quite a bit of agility when in the hands of a capable pilot, showcased here by Jebediah Kerman:


/-/ Action Groups /-/:

1- Toggles VTOL propulsion
2- Toggles forward-thrust engines
Abort- activates emergency parachutes

Download here!

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11 hours ago, Majorjim! said:

Yeah this is ace! So sci-fi, now all you need to make is a titan. :o

Hmm... funny you should mention that...


"Voodoo One, Viper's on station." :cool: 

Just gotta finish the flight systems and get them fully operational now...

EDIT: and yes, it DOES fit a kerbal pilot.

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