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[SHOWCASE] Show off your ships/naval vessels!

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So, after downloading SM Marine, I've gotten obsessed with Kerbal naval enterprises. So, i'd like to see what the rest of the forums have in their shipyards! They can be stock or modded, peaceful or "peaceful," it doesn't matter! I'll start with some of my ships, particularly the two i have finished.

One: The flagship of the Atlas Defense Industries fleet, the Falco Maxime. A titan of the seas, she carries three 155mm cannons mounted on the bow, six Bushmaster 30mm cannons, and 8 AMRAAM missiles for anti-aircraft purposes. 

Two: The Striate-class patrol ship. The Striate is a smaller, more shallow-water oriented vessel. She carries one bow-mounted Bofors cannon, Twin Hydra-70 launchers, twin laser-guided TOW launchers, 4 AMRAAM missiles, and a 30mm CIWS cannon. Striate is meant for shallow-water patrol, and as such is geared for that role.

PICTURES: http://imgur.com/a/xVJ9N

So, what have you built, ship-wise! Let me and any other corporate spies friendly shipbuilders take a peek!

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50 minutes ago, pTrevTrevs said:

*obligatory U-boat post*



Ooh, nice! Reminds me of my old U-boat! I could never get it to sink in stock though. I might have the file on a google drive, so i could quite possibly, resurrect it. 

EDIT: Yup, U-534 was recovered and (surprisingly) still works! Here's some pics next to the previous two crafts for a size reference-


Oh, and one last thing: She has 504 parts. Might need to work on that, as even while running a i7 and 1070 i got a significant frame drop.

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18 hours ago, Azimech said:

Something a bit more conventional then?

These were made using my own mods:



Nice oil tanker, reminds me of something i saw on a video on youtube once. Nice battleships too, they look pretty formidable.


15 hours ago, Mjp1050 said:

Ships, you say? I've got a stock one that I'm rather fond of:


Nice, with that huge deck i bet you could either land a Harrier on it, or try and pull a SpaceX and put a rocket on it.

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I've made a large amount of warships, mainly replicas.

My first was a PT Boat, that made by Higgins Industries. It was fairly high part count, and I made multiple versions of it. It featured a detailed interior (though it was a bit messy on the inside).



My next creation was an even higher part Admiralty M Destroyer, the class that served in WWI. 


After that are even bigger ships—the four ships participating in the Battle of the Denmark Strait. While I wanted to be able to recreate the battle (and many people helped out), a combination of kerbpaint failing and a replica of the Prince of Wales that wouldn't really float the right way (and was incompatible) has left it in limbo. Nevertheless, the replicas were done (though Prince of Wales isn't released).

The Prinz Eugen, the heavy cruiser.


The Bismarck, in this case it's paint job in Norway.


And of course, the HMS Hood. (although this isn't the full version, but you can see that in gif form (but it doesn't work here).


The HMS Prince of Wales.



Lastly is the Kormoran Vs Sydney project, which, like the Denmark Strait, was a big project. Thankfully I was able to recreate the battle, (the part count was lower for this, but still very high). Here's the video of that.


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