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Framerate issues in FLIGHT scenes

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Hello everyone!

I'm having frame rate issues in FLIGHT scenes.  It just started happening recently, but I haven't been able to track down the cause yet.  I was hoping perhaps that someone else has seen something similar or knows of the cause.

SOLVED: The cfg file for DatedQuickSaves got wiped out somehow, and it was autosaving once per second.

Here's the default DatedQuickSaves/PlugInData/settings.cfg:

DateString = yyyy-MM-dd--HH-mm-ss
FileNameTemplate = quicksave_Y[year]D[day]H[hour]M[min]S[sec]
MaxQuickSaveCount = 20
AutoSaveTemplate = autosave_Y[year]D[day]H[hour]M[min]S[sec]
AutoSaveFreq = 15
MaxAutoSaveCount = 20
FillSpaces = True
ReplaceChar = _


Here's what I've found so far:

  • Running KSP 1.2.2
  • Lots of mods, but everything via CKAN (except for Infernal Robotics, see next point), and everything seemed to be OK (I think) until I tried IR. 
  • Manually installed IR v2.10 beta (and IR legacy parts), which supposedly works with KSP 1.2
  • Disk access ~0 in non-FLIGHT scenes, ~2-3Mb/s in FLIGHT scenes (includes MAP view during FLIGHT)
  • Changing back to non-FLIGHT scene, disk access drops back to ~0, UI is smooth and fluid (e.g. dragging tracking station view)
  • Checking output_log.txt shows an enormous amount of lines generated during FLIGHT scenes as opposed to other scenes:
    • order of 1e3 lines in non-FLIGHT scenes vs. 10e4 in FLIGHT
  • Tried old saves, creating new games- still have framerate problems in FLIGHT scenes.
  • Removed IR, still having frame rate issues even with new games as well as saved games- so I'm wondering if I need to do something else (besides removing the MagicSmoke directory from GameData) to completely remove IR.

It *seems* to be linked to IR, but I'm not exactly sure... I updated some mods via CKAN at the same time that I installed IR, so...

I'm about to flush and try virgin install, but I was wondering if anyone can help in the meantime.

I'll attach logs (they're huge!) and screenshots of disk access rates/debug lines generated if desired (I'm not on my gaming machine ATM).





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