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Jool-5 NAVIGATOR &/or SSTO (new-ish badges)

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Jool-5 NAVIGATOR &/or SSTO Challenge

Your challenge is to accomplish one or both of the following classic challenges during a standard Jool-5 trip:

1.) Elkano Circumnavigator Challenge of Jool's 5 moons.

2.) SSTO


However, your circumnavigation only needs to satisfy 2 requirements, and can be accomplished in either order:

1.) Cross the equator at least once. 

2.) Touch every degree of longitude. (This may be accomplished by heading for a pole and twirling around like your Kerbal may technically be an idiot)

The difference is that you do not have to return to your landing location, although doing so may help. (I think this change adds a little strategy and speeds things up a little bit)

Be sure to plant your bread crumb trail of flags as you go. 

No gameplay or part mods. Keep your resources tab open; other information mods are appreciated.

Some part clipping is allowable, but let's not get ridiculous. We should be able to at least account for your fuel tanks. 


Post your submissions below and claim your badge. Videos are best; Imgur albums of important moments (takeoffs, landings, flag-plantings, etc.) are acceptable. If you've already done a SSTO that satisfies the Jool-5, go ahead and post it. 


Jool-5 Circumnavigator w/ SSTO


1.) Your Name Here!

2.) Harry Seaward



Jool-5 Circumnavigator






Jool-5 SSTO






Let me know if you have any suggestions. I don't think that an identical challenge exists, but let me know if there is. 

My submission will be up in the next day or two. 

Good Luck!

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Part 1 Highlights:  

30:55 Vall Rising (Tylo?)

1:07:07 Sketchy Laythe Takeoff

Part 2 Highlights:

10:04 Vall Summit

16:58 Tylo Landing

23:20 Driving Slideshow

25:25 Tylo Summit 

28:46 Rendezvous in Tylo Orbit

2.5 hrs at 16x speed means that this mission took me 40 real life hours-not counting another 10-15hrs of testing.

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This seems cool, in my Jool 500 submission log I sent an asteroid and relays to Jool. Once I deploy them I should be able to do this in career mode, although I will need to do a tiny bit of testing...

Seems like a fun challenge though, and I always enjoy a good Jool 5 challenge.

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